Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) is an ExxonMobil infomercial

Drill, drill, drill.

[I guess he’s not clear on the subject matter of this particular bill. I am Not sure I’d heard him use the word climate in his remarks.]

Where is the tipping point at which Congress will realize that drilling for more oil will only make the climate problem worse and not actually lower gasoline prices. [OK, he didn’t say that, but this guy is like an infomercial for ExxonMobil.]

China and India blah, blah, blah….

Rube Goldberg bureaucracy that would be created…. This bureaucracy would make Hillarycare pale in comparison.

In Texas, as many as 343,000 jobs would be lost. An $8000 additional surcharge on each additional Texas household. Electricity costs 145% higher!

[I guess he missed the memo on Texas now being the national leader on wind power.]

What could be the possible rationale for piece of legislation that would do this to my state.

A huge spike in gasoline prices since Democrat took control of both houses of Congress. [Yes, the Dems are to blame.]

Drill, drill, drill.

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