Sen. Carper (D-DE): DuPont kept energy use flat, grew business, cut GHGs 70% and saved $3 billion

[Carper has been active on climate issues for years.]

Gasoline prices have been rising at an alarming rate. This is going to continue.

If we want to avoid gasoline prices from rising, we must enact this legislation.

The facts on global warming are indisputable. He runs through a lot of it.

In 50 years we might not have NASCAR races at Dover Beach. [If that doesn’t drive climate action, nothing will.]

About 38 states have given up on us and are already developing climate action plans. One of those states is my state, Delaware.

Talks about how DuPont’s CEO says the time is now for action not further debate.

DuPont has held energy use flat for more than a decade, and save $3 billion while cutting its greenhouse gas emissions 70%.

Some people see a problem, I see an opportunity.

Talks about his multi-pollutant bill (aimed at the utility sector), and the need to deal with more than one pollutant at a time, even if carbon dioxide is special, including mercury, NOx, SOx.

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