Something for Everyone in the Emerging Green Market

Another continuation of the “It’s Easy Being Green” series from the Center for American Progress:

Good news: Anyone looking for more environmentally responsible options now has choices. Green alternatives are turning up all over these days–from children’s toys to weddings.

Families concerned with all the reports in the last year of toys tainted with lead paint will be happy to hear there’s a new market for toys that bypass lead and other potentially harmful chemicals completely.

Branch, a San Francisco-based sustainable design company, makes children’s toys out of natural wool and bamboo. Nest and ChildTrek are similar companies offering natural toys made out of wood and other sustainable materials. Sensing the growing consumer demand, even Toys ‘R’ Us has “gone green,” launching a new line of natural wood toys and dolls.

And the green wedding is increasingly appealing for couples aghast at the carbon footprint generated from traditional knot-tying. Green wedding planners now have plenty of tools at their disposal, from recycled wedding invitations to earth-friendly alternatives to buying a tuxedo to responsible jewelry.

According to Millie Martini Bratten, the editor-in-chief of Brides magazine, over the past five years the interest in sustainable weddings has grown from a desire to include a few green elements in the occasion to planning “zero waste” weddings. With a passionate, environmentally conscious generation of young adults currently graduating from U.S. colleges and universities, the green wedding could very well become the wedding of the future.

4 Responses to Something for Everyone in the Emerging Green Market

  1. hapa says:

    and the happy couple has to stay together for at least five years to earn back their investment. after that the marriage pays for itself!

  2. Jay Alt says:

    How blatantly supply-side to chose a large discount rate.
    The increasingly popular Stern marriage requires a 66 year commitment.

  3. hapa says:

    i’m not saying their love will grow without limit. they are human beings in a real world in which love is increasingly hard to come by. i’m saying the resources conserved by their wedding will reduce the cost of living together significantly and on this foundation, a durable relationship is more easily built, and whatever love comes, stays.

  4. JCH says:

    Just going to courthouse will make most couples an extra million or so over a lifetime. In terms of lost wealth growing potential, a wedding is worse than a boat, but not quite as bad as horsies.