Hansen’s famous 1988 testimony

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  1. steve says:

    Discover Magazine has up an interview with Revkin, and his reflection upon writing a piece after Hansen’s testimony in ’88. Oddly enough, Revkin’s work from ’88 is spot on. And his interview is the typical delayer Revkin we have come to know and love. That is, he states that the doubts concerning the reality of AGW are only minor nuances, yet he only writes and speaks about the doubts. I like to say the he balances the pro and cons of AGW bases on word count, not the weight of evidence. I guess I just can’t take anyone seriously when he or she claims that some areas of the world will become more temperate and have a longer growing season. Well, I’m sure that will be some consolation to those that have died, are refugees, or who have otherwise had their lives turned upside-down as a result of climate change.