This is not me ….

… at least not every day.

(h/t RealClimate)

8 Responses to This is not me ….

  1. David B. Benson says:

    It’s ME! :-)

  2. Dennis says:

    I put that one on the wall next to my desk months ago!

  3. Earl Killian says:

    Joe, let’s see if your wife will say “That’s not Joe.” I’ll await her comment in this space…

  4. Greenbandit says:

    You could have given a direct link to the artist’s webpage. Or listed the name of the comic or the name of the cartoonist. I hear creators like getting credit for their stuff. I notice that on the page you do link to, the comic itself is a link to the creator’s web page,

  5. Joe says:

    Always my intent to put the link in from the cartoon itself. Rushed myself.

  6. Andy Bauer says:

    Ha! When my wife went on a trip, I had my daughter take a picture of me at the computer – from the back. I stuck that romantic image in her socks to keep her company…

  7. Jon says:


    Shouldn’t that hat tip read “RealClimate”? I lurve xkcd.

    [Wow! I really did rush this post.]

  8. paulm says:

    The History of Climate Change according to those who don’t believe in AGW:

    1st decade – Its getting warm – great for crops and vacation.
    2nd decade – El Nina, its snowing outside – there’s no such thing as global warming.
    3rd decade – Warmer year than average – maybe global warming?
    4th decade – Mt Shasta glacier is expanding, its raining and cold out side – absolutely no global warming.
    5th decade – Warmer than usual – maybe global warming, not sure? probably not, because… blah blah blah.

    Mean while:
    Ice sheet as large as xxx are breaking off Antarctica; The Arctic ice cap is disappearing; California is burning; Coral reefs are dying; Sea level is steadily rising over the last 100yrs; Majority of world glaciers are receding/dissapearing; Perma-Frost is melting in Alaska swallowing houses;

    What could be the cause of all this?
    Maybe, just maybe, the average global temperature is going up and reeking havoc on our environment?
    mmm Not sure…lets wait a few more decades, its been colder than average for the last few years.

    20yrs or so later:
    Most of ice is completely gone. We are in dire straits.
    Sucks, I guess AGW was occurring – We better find a new planet to live on.
    Oh oh, we’ve run out of Oil!