First time in the history of the internet?

I am going to live blog my own hearing.

Obviously I’m not going to be blogging during my own panel [Note to self: Hmm. Suppose you used your voice dictation system to transcribe your words to text….].

But I will squeeze in some blogging during the first panel, with the Members’ Statements and the testimony of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission commissioners.

Wow. Big turnout. Small room. Standing room only. Six Senators, including Inhofe!

Sen. Carper (D-chair): … create a strong nuclear power industry…. Air pollution reductions…. Nuclear energy is carbon-free. Provides good jobs…. Our country needs nuclear power…. 34 new nukes may be built in next 10 to 15 years…. One word is key for nuclear Renaissance: Safety.

Sen. Voinovich (R): High gas prices. Energy prices are “a form of regressive tax.” Energy independence. Bridge to a carbon-constrained world. Nuclear power must play an increasing role. “Renewable energy sources are intermittent and unreliable.”

Sen. Lautenberg (D): Half of NJ’s electricity is nuclear…. Safety is the largest factor. NRC Inspector General found safety oversight analysis gaps…. We can’t be rushed. We can’t be hasty.

Sen. Craig (R) is next. One new NRC commissioner is former Craig staff. ’nuff said. Went to France. Fell in love. They had him at “80% nuclear power”…. “Our country almost killed the nuclear industry.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

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  1. jcwinnie says:

    I always thought that would cause hair to grow on your palms, Joey.