More conclusive proof of global warming

Explain this away, Deniers [this means you, TVMOB]!


I find this even more compelling than “Revealing Evidence Proves Global Warming.”

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  1. Thomas Lee Elifritz says:

    I see a great future for that acronym.

    Prepare for greatness Joe!

  2. Joe says:

    Thomas — Perhaps this is the solution to the “what to call deniers” dilemma. Deniers just hate being called deniers. And nobody seems to have picked up on delayers. Maybe I should just call them TVMOBs.

  3. John Hollenberg says:

    Thanks for a great laugh!

  4. Jade A. says:

    ROFLMAO! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all month. Thanks for the laugh Joe.

  5. Gwenny says:

    You know, boys, I was an environmentalist before most of you were even born. I was at the first Earth Day. My family of three has a smaller footprint than most single people. I was an early adopter of the localvore concept. I have decried over consumption and population and the degradation of our environment by business for decades . . . And “global warming” is NOT the fault of humans. Hate to break the news to you. We aren’t responsible for climate change, we still can’t be sure it will continue to warm (even though it has for 12k years) and we can’t stop it and the sooner you figure that out and start taking appropriate actions to secure humanity against the unstoppable forces of Lady Earth the better it will be.

    Or you could just sit around on your asses as you have been, pointing figures at “deniers”. Your choice. Excuse me, I need to go pick dinner. The cherry tomatoes are particularly yummy this year.

  6. Dan says:

    Gwenney says we only have to keep turning turn the the thermostat down on the ice rink. Thanks for that good news! I was worried this global warming thing would eventually become a real problem.

  7. John Hollenberg says:

    Gwenney, I am blown away by the depth and breadth of the scientific references you use to support your claim! We like to see data here at Climateprogress, and who collected it, where they published it, etc., etc. You know, the little things that make the difference between science and fantasy.

  8. Anthony says:

    Gwenny, the world doesn’t care about your age and pedigree. What it does care about is information. You offer bold assertions, but no reasons why we should believe you. A reference would be fine, as would a well-crafted argument. I’m sure you have seen the evidence and arguments the scientific community has used to support its conclusion that mankind’s actions are changing the global climate system. So, what have you got that we haven’t seen?

  9. paulm says:

    The earth has its cycles, but that does not mean that AGW is not real!

    The evidence points to the overwhelming conclusion that we are influencing the climate in a way, which if it stays on track, will not be good for us and nature.

    Gwenny, you took the conscious decision to be green, I suspect because you want to be kind to nature. Well, with AGW we are reaching the limit, choicie is no longer a luxury. We will have to adapt to the changes in store, but must also move to a sustainable society.

  10. Joe Alien says:

    Gwenny, though I am at neither end of the political or environmental spectrum, it seems quite reasonable to suggest that humans have had an impact on the planet, including the warming of the planet.

    There are now 6 billion plus humans (not including all the gas producing animals required to support such population). Vehicles alone represent a significant impact alone, and that’s surely a man made artifact.

    As Carl Sagan once said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. To suggest humans are NOT a contributing cause of global warming is pretty extraordinary given sheer numbers. Of course you did NOT say humans are not the ONLY cause of global warming, which is certainly a more reasonable assessment, but to suggest we do not contribute is frankly, a ridiculous statement.

    I will grant you we don’t know a lot; but what we do know points to humans contributing to the problem, not helping it.

  11. Hal Levin says:

    My brother in-law’s computer lost the driver for the video card immediately after playing this video. Anyone else having a problem?

  12. Mac Convert says:

    I have watched this video over and over and just do not seem to get tired of it, However, I am running a mac pro. No video problems here. ;-)

  13. John Hollenberg says:

    No video problems after a dozen runs on Win XP.

  14. Paul K says:

    Hal Levin,
    Your brother-in-law’s computer demonstrates the difference between causation and correlation.

    For those who wish to battle deniers on a humor post thread: Australian David Evans, a scientist and computer modeler, claims to falsify increased greenhouse effect as the cause of global warming.

  15. paulm says:

    Interesting articles on whether we should panic about climate change or not…

    Existential risk and democratic peace

    Understanding the climate ostrich

    Great Churchill quote:
    “An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.”

  16. John Hollenberg says:

    Another interesting article:

    I don’t agree with it, but it is certainly thought-provoking.

  17. Dani says:

    LMAO thank you! Being serious all the time is over-rated… :)

  18. Russ says:

    I went and read the piece linked in paulm’s comment, “Existential risk and democratic peace”.
    Boy, I never read such technology-will-save-us drivel. The guy has obviously never heard of Peak Oil. I kept asking over and over again, “Where’s the energy for this going to come from?”

    This part especially made me laugh:
    “Current advances in developing an effective planetary defence system, for example, will eventually lead to a protective shield that can safeguard life on the Earth from disastrous NEO impacts.

    The societal response to the cosmic impact hazard is a prime example of how technology can ultimately eliminate an existential risk from the list of contemporary concerns.”

    So, in the mind of this child, coming up with an outlandish idea and drawing a little diagram on a piece of paper is as good as fully deploying the thing (and magically conjuring the energy to do so).

  19. I =] says:

    It because the Global warming!!!
    We have to do something!!!

  20. Evan says:

    Gwenny has it right, people.

  21. John Hollenberg says:

    > Gwenny has it right, people.

    We will make the same request of you that we made of him:

    Published, peer-reviewed articles that support your position and refute the large body of scientific evidence for AGW.

  22. The Bat says:

    Err… well… dang! I just stuck my nose outside and it’s only 77 degrees out there.

    On July 22.

    In Iowa.

    It’s probably going to be snowing by Labor Day.

  23. Duh says:

    There are known oil and coal deposits North of the Arctic Circle. Supposedly, these deposits are from the decayed remains of plant and animal life. In order to have such large deposits, there must have been large populations of plants and animals, which would need a more temperate that what is presently there. Th global climate does go through cycles and will continue to do so.
    Besides, according to the Mayan calendar, the world as we know it will end in 2012, so who cares about global warming!

  24. zap Louisiana says:

    I have lived in Louisiana for 48years.We drill and refine oil here.The weather has never changed here it is the same as the day i was born.Did Louisianas global warming drift off somewhere?Could global warming be a yankee or left coast disease?

    [JR: Guess you missed Katrina. And apparently you missed the fact that after the record-smashing hurricane season that deluged southern Louisiana with rain in the summer of 2005, “the eight months since October 1, 2005 have been the driest in 111 years of record-keeping” in southern Louisiana, the U.S. National Climatic Data Center reported in July 2006.]

  25. zap Louisiana says:

    There were hurricanes just as bad as Katrina in the early 1900s!Katrinas damage was caused by outdated levee systems i know i live here.Wind damage was small.Drought is the cycle of life,read the bible or a history book.And nobody owned a suv.

  26. maryann says:

    I bet the contestants will watch their weight and the type of undergarments as well.
    I always hated wet underwear ( from being out in the rain )

  27. brian says:

    I learned in grade school that oxygen came from plants using carbon dioxide, water, and the sun all while creating energy for the plant through the process called photosynthesis. Not until I took a geology course in college, did it dawn on me that virtually all oxygen in our atmosphere is a byproduct of millions upon millions of plants performing photosynthesis. Now all of these millions and millions of years of plant matter has been compressed and transformed into oil.

    Here and now people pump out millions and millions of gallons of oil per day…..and burn it. We burn it using oxygen from the atmosphere and release the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

    It took millions and millions of years for the sun’s energy to grow the plants it took to create the oil we have today.

    It really escapes me how people cannot know that this will change our environment faster than it has changed in the past entire time of human existence. Ignorance is the only thing i can think of as an excuse. And don’t confuse ignorance with stupidity. Ignorance is just not being aware of the information. Stupidity is being aware of the the information but refusing to see it for what it is just for arguments sake.

  28. John says:

    Ther is more empirical evidence of the existence of the Loch Ness Monster than there is of man-caused global warming (AGW)….

    [JR: Rest of comment deleted since, out of respect for future generations, we don’t publish long-debunked disinformation.]

  29. EcoloTrader says:

    So funny !
    But, ice skating isn’t very eco-friendly ! :-(

  30. Mike says:

    Great point Brian. Except that’s what climate does it changes.
    Unless you think the Ice Age never happened or the mini-ice age that happened between 1600 and 1950.
    Man is in no way responsible for climate change than were the dinosaurs.

    Prehistoric earth was an inferno.
    Fact is the Mars icecap is melting. What human is responsible for that?

    So let’s see since man has been around. We’ve had a planet that has changed climate approx every thousand years.
    So your assertion, however well intended.
    Is poppy cock.

  31. Greg says:

    It is ridiculous that people say there is overwhelming evidence that people cause global warming. What evidence. Give me any evidence besides that provided by 600 UN scientists that, oh gee, get there funding from the UN…go figure.
    There is no evidence that people cause global warming.
    No hot pockets of CO2 that cause greenhouse effects. No increase in the rate at which the ice caps are melting from before the industrial age (1400 going forward) and after industrialization(1880s). Most record temperatures were recorded before 1950, before the explosion of the automobile and fossil fuels.

    This is nothing but a scam. You want to talk about cleaning the water or the planet. Fine. But this global warming caused by human beings is nothing more than a scam for UN to create a world governing body. Been going on since the 80s. Can the lemming please pull your head out and look at the cliff you are running over

  32. L says:

    A couple points:
    It’s the fact that an international body has made this clear, but many independent studies coincide with these claims, and to claim the nations of the world would get together merely to create some fraudulent idea is crazy. Same thing as the holocaust denyers saying that the nations of the world just decided to make something up, and yet they are tolerating the creation of a state because of this event which is causing all the termiol in the middle east. Obviously, if it were not real, the world wouldn’t have taken any action based on it.

    Now, to weave that in with global warming, most of the world’s developed nations have signed the kyoto protocol, and are willing to accept the economic damage this would do, yet again, I sincerely doubt they would just do it for the hell of it.

    Nations have also considered legislation for a Carbon tax, which is not a cheap thing to set up, and yet again, why would they spend all that money for the hell of it?

    Also, observe how badly this has thrown regional climates out of whack, just like scientists predicted on the principles of global warming.

    Snow in june? or not until late december in Canada?
    Droughts, and floods in neighboring provinces?

    Sorry, but I just can’t buy that this is some hoax. The UN has better things to do than pay people to fabricate findings of Global warming, and in a US dominated organization, the US is notorious for fabricating reports against global warming and sugar coating them. They dominate the UN, so I doubt the scientists would be worthlessly paid to come up with something going against the invalidity of it.

  33. L says:

    Sorry, I said provinces. I meant countries.

  34. msn nickleri says:

    Sorry, I said provinces. I meant countries.
    Eyw. BaBus :)

  35. dopygrl154 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! funny video, and i think its right. if global warming keeps up, it will happen on a real lake and then she will be in real trouble!!!