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Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad

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"Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad"


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Too funny.

The scary thing is that her proposal is very similar to the bipartisan Group-of-10 energy compromise.

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8 Responses to Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad

  1. David B. Benson says:

    One Paris Hilton is worth ten senators. :-)

  2. Joe Galliani says:

    There are those who say that it’s the unregulated emissions from hotties like Hilton that cause a significant spike in global warming rates. It’s one reason we in California passed AB32.

  3. Brewster says:

    Did she actually say something? I was too busy….

    Oh, never mind…

  4. Peter Foley says:

    I agree that Paris is worth at least Two Senators, Clinton and Obama.

    P.S. you have to be 35, that is 35 years old, not at least a 35 I.Q.

    It is sad a Bimbo’s energy plan is better than the Democrats’

  5. paulm says:

    Getting warm in here…good policy…she has my vote!

  6. rpauli says:

    Point awarded to Paris:

    With almost no budget she got tremendous publicity. Her Internet released video has been rebroadcast on television networks.

    She both played her celebrity well and increased it – and at very little cost.

    AND obviously she has surrounded herself with capable handlers and advisors. Why let all that go to waste? Run Paris, Run.

  7. shop says:

    Getting warm in here good policy she has my vote! yessss :)

  8. utanma says:

    Getting warm in here good policy she has my vote! yessss