The rain in Maine stay plainly in the …

I am technically on vacation for two weeks. That probably means I’ll only be blogging about half as much.

Other Climate Progress news: My brother who lives in Minneapolis has a press pass the GOP convention. He is very good at interviewing, and we’re planning to have him do a bunch of podcast interviews of the delegates on energy and climate issues.

If you have any suggested questions, I’d love to hear them.

7 Responses to The rain in Maine stay plainly in the …

  1. jcwinnie says:

    McBush Real Deal? Did you want Big Oil with that?

  2. Dennis says:

    Just start by asking them if they accept the scientific statements on AGW from the IPCC, AAAS, NAS, etc., etc., etc., and if not, why they think the world scientific community is so completely wrong.

  3. Andy Bauer says:


    Good question, maybe raise the bar a bit and ask for a logical, defensible, not-already-debunked reason to refute the science.

  4. Jill B says:

    I’d be interested in hearing what their response is to Dr. James Hansen’s statement about needing to go for no coal.

  5. robert says:

    Most delegates can’t or don’t want to squarely face the reality of the ‘Tipping Points’ so ask if they think it is smart to wait until our man made climate catastrophe is fully involved before serious action is taken. Also ask if drilling the offshore protected areas will really change the net energy picture as now the population bomb will guarantee the gain will not amount to more then an excuse to postpone a focus on the reality of peak oil. Renewable energy must be the prime focus.

  6. red says:

    I’d ask them about support or lack thereof for Federal funding for modest innovation prizes like NASA’s Centennial Challenges or the X PRIZE Foundation’s prizes. These include NASA’s power beaming and general aviation “Green Prize”. From C|net News:

    “NASA plans to retool its contest next year to focus primarily on fuel-efficient aviation, according to Andy Petro, head of NASA’s Centennial Challenges, a series of government-sponsored competitions that support space exploration and aviation technologies in private industry.”

    However, the NASA prizes are small, and have had no funding at all for 3 years, in part because of Senate language.

    The private X PRIZE Foundation has the 100 mpg Automotive X PRIZE, and is considering (if it can raise the money, probably) a Biofuels prize, an Aviation Fuels prize, and a Village Utility prize, among others.

    I’d also ask about a flex-fuel vehicle mandate, including methanol support. From a conservative site:

    These ideas all have aspects that should appeal to conservatives, so if you can’t get enthusiasm on these, it will be tough to make progress on the more difficult energy and climate measures.

  7. Jay Alt says:

    I would ask about their position or support for renewable energy. Questions about green jobs in Minnesota or their home states.

    Then dig into whether and how they would support programs that make deployment a top priority.
    Things like Wind and Solar ITC and PTC. If not, how can they expect to grow the market for renewables?

    We are having a local forum for politicians next month. I’d be interested in hearing from Dave what worked.