MN GOP candidate and grape-loving denier Barb White responds, sort of

barb.jpgDenial lives on in the Land o’ Lakes. My brother’s amazing interview of Minneapolis GOP congressional candidate Barb “global warming is a scam … Let’s push it on Africa” White finally got a response from the candidate, sort of. Scienceblogs’ Sheril R. Kirshenbaum reprinted the interview (here), and White’s media/communications director, Don Allen, replied there, three times.

[Existential question of the day: Should I be happy or sad that the PR person for a global warming denier doesn’t read my blog.]

Allen’s first reply was, in its entirety:

Question… Do you know what the temp will be on Monday?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Global Warming is and has always been a scam – I am open minded, give me proof.

Well, game, set, and match to Barb White and Don Allen. And if that’s his idea of “open minded,” I’d hate to see what he’s close minded about. Sheril was equally snarky:

To answer real quick, weather and climate are not the same thing. Here’s a link to the EPA Kids Site for detail on the differences as well as information on climate change.

You and your boss may want to brush up on that.

Allen quickly came back with a bland, damage-limiting reply — more in line what you would expect from a PR type:

Thank you for your direction in investigating this theory. It is very important that people use journalism to help expand understanding of information.

However, when one who has a Blog that for the most part is okay – there are bigger issues than “Barb” or “Global warming” going on in our own back yards. I hope that someday we can “agree to disagree”.

Great Blog!

Donald W.R. Allen, II – General Manager
Twin City Business/The Independent Business News Network

Thank you “Don” from all of us with Blogs on “global warming.” I hope some day “your children can help my children fight for survival on a planet ruined by humankind’s myopic greed.”

But what is really amazing is that Allen apparently thought better of his reasonableness and immediately posted a review of the denier film The Great Global Warming Swindle written by uber-denier Fred Singer of all people. You can find some sane responses to that film by real climate scientists here.

[No, I just can’t bring myself to reprint that much disinformation in one place.]

Who knew that Minneapolis was a hotbed of deniers?

You may remember that in the original interview, Barb claimed “every other climate that has been warmed had better grapes.” This is a classic denier barb that is somewhere between irrelevant and incorrect (see RealClimate’s “Medieval warmth and English wine” and “English vineyards again….“).

In any case, based on their recent remarks, Barb and Don seem to be … overly fond of the grape. Perhaps they are trying to corner the market for Minnesota winemaking, which may well become the next Napa Valley if Barb has her way. Land o’ Grapes, anyone?

7 Responses to MN GOP candidate and grape-loving denier Barb White responds, sort of

  1. Ronald says:

    To explain the comment about ‘do you know what the weather was on Monday?’ was about is that we had a frost in northern Minnesota that night. I’ve talked to some farmers and they said we need a warm September or they will be in trouble. This part of the country had a very cool, wet and late planting spring and the crop is not nearly ready. An early frost would do alot of damage. I imagine it was the same weather systems that brought all that rain to Iowa that caused their flooding.

    Which explains one of the problems with discussing Global Warming and that is short term weather which is colder than normal like around here.

    It’s no wonder that they wouldn’t allow Alaskan Gov. Palin to give interviews, maybe it was just that type of preformance that they are trying to avoid. It’s easy to talk about your kids, policies that your Religion and political party have given you, but what are her opinion on real things. That’s to come.

  2. David B. Benson says:

    Ronald — Hadley Centre has stated that global warming brings more extreme weather, not just extreme warmer weather.

    Or you can just read the Farmer’s Almanac, which claims 80–85% accuracy in their predictions: numbingly, ‘catastrophically’ cold in the lower 48 this winter, except in the Far West.

  3. Doug says:

    Here’s the intuitive way to think about it: global warming means that there is more energy in the overall weather system. Hence you will get more “mixing” of the atmosphere over different geographical regions.

    This means that more cold Polar air will be sent down to the lower latitudes, as more warm air makes it up into the poles. This is one reason why the Poles’ climates would be warming faster than other regions — a lot of the “coldness” is being “exported” to other regions. Thus, areas relatively near the poles can actually get colder.

    Here in the Bay Area in California, for example, this summer has been quite unusually cold. Only a few spurts of hot days, for a couple of days at a time. Even when we were enshrouded with smoke earlier this year, the temperature itself was not all that high.

    So basically, global warming means more energy in the system, which in turns means more chaotic weather.

  4. rpauli says:

    Even David Letterman has discovered global warming.. and he rants about it

    Short 3 min video:

    He has the kind of entertainer style that makes for an enjoyable discussion.

  5. Alex J says:

    Then there’s the fact that inter-annual and inter-decadal changes in oceanic heat distribution can have an effect. There was a pretty strong la nina (the cool phase of ENSO) this year, and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is also in play. These kinds of fluctuations don’t mean the world is losing heat – it’s just being mixed down into the ocean and/or flowing to another region. When both PDO and ENSO are in their warm phase again, combined with solar maximum and even higher CO2 levels holding in more of that energy, then what?

  6. paulm says:

    David Letterman – that was funny.

    Its a pit it probably is true though.

  7. Uosdwis says:

    Fortunately, there is no way in hell she will beat Keith Ellison. Primary results show she got 5000 votes to his 34,000.