McCain tells the mother of all lies about the soccer mom

In a campaign notable for its lies by the Arizona Senator (see “In HIS big speech, McCain’s 10 energy lies top Palin’s 4 energy lies“) and for lies by and about his VP choice (see “Slick Sarah, the make-believe maverick“) we have the mother of all lies. McCain is asked by a reporter about Palin’s national security credentials, and he (eventually) answers:

She knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America.

This time it’s personal. I mean seriously. Palin hardly knows anything at all about energy (see “Pork queen Palin is an earmark expert, NOT energy expert“). Heck, she knows very little even about oil if it doesn’t come from Alaska (see “Most revealing Palin energy whopper: Iran could cut off a fifth of the world’s energy supplies“).

I’m not sure what to be most scared about — the lie or that McCain tells it with a perfectly straight face, as this video shows (at about 4 minutes in).

H/t to Americablog.

12 Responses to McCain tells the mother of all lies about the soccer mom

  1. Ron says:


    If that’s the biggest lie you have ever heard, you need to get out more …..

    I don’t understand what you’re scared about though. You’re in D.C. Haven’t you ever met any liars before now?

  2. Jim Prall says:

    I get a newsletter on the energy industry called Energy Biz. The current issue has a guest editor by Sarah Palin touting the large amounts of gas and oil that could be shipped south from Alaska if the new pipelines go ahead:

    Joe: this seems to warrant some fact checking. Feel free to hold this comment or move it to another thread if it would fit better – this was as close a match as I could find.

  3. Ronald says:

    You’re all pumped up for a fight aren’t you. You just got back from a Ron Paul convention, you think you and they are all that, and somebodies gonna pay.

    So you don’t like the mother of all lies comment. That’s all you got to do, is make a pest of yourself? and waste everybodies time?

  4. Joe says:

    Ron — Yes, we have liars in DC. They are called the Bush Administration. Scary bunch. Not the biggest lie I’ve ever heard, just the biggest one from McCain about Palin.

  5. Robert says:

    For a country that prides itself as being the home of democracy the level of debate is pitifully low. Any semi-intelligent fact-based argument is submerged in a sea of “God bless America”s, woffle and out-and-out lies. Why are the American public not more critical? They are supposed to be the most educated populace in the world.

  6. Robert says:

    Further to my last post, this is the speech which the UK Chancellor gave to the TUC (Trades Union Congress) this week.

    It wasn’t what they wanted to hear, but it was factual and pulled no punches. The reception was muted but it killed stone dead the calls for short-termism windfall taxes, government givaways and inflation-busting pay rises. It is hard to critisise a politician who tells the truth, particularly when he is so easily able to avoid taking the blame for it!

  7. David B. Benson says:


  8. Bob Wallace says:

    I used to admire McCain.

    He’s totally trashed his reputation with his recent behavior. I’ve zero respect for him now. The man has gone from a “maverick” to a political whore.

    I notice that yesterday/today he entered a public performance with the theme for “Top Gun” playing in the background.

    People might reflect how ‘the’ Top Gun, the guy on whom the movie is based, Duke Cunningham is now Federal Prisoner #94405-198.

    Somehow the music seems to fit.

    Once a hero. Now a bum.

  9. Modesty says:

    Did you include in one of your write-ups this leading energy expert’s claim that Alaska produces 20% of US domestic supply of ENERGY?

  10. Ed says:

    The worst part about this statement is not that it’s a huge lie, but that it’s an insult to the real energy experts. Based on this alone, I wouldn’t expect a McCain administration to respect science much more than the current administration has.

  11. Pangolin says:

    It’s weird that Sara Palin, ‘america’s greatest energy expert’ hasn’t seen fit to mention once in all her public speeches the potential of geothermal energy which Alaska has in abundance.

    You’d think that she’d jump at the opportunity to plug the Chena Hot Springs resort, ice museum and geothermal project but she was silent. Of course the really weird thing is that a state with declining oil production is ignoring it’s geothermal resource when it has money in the bank to exploit it.

  12. shop says:

    This time it’s personal. I mean seriously. Palin hardly knows anything at all about energy