Must see ad: Palin “champions … savagery”

At least the Defenders of Wildlife (DoW) understand how to counterpunch against the Rovian myth-building around Palin.

We knew that Palin was fighting hard alongside Big Oil to ensure the polar bear goes extinct— even if that meant opposing the Bush Interior Department on global warming. But her policy on wolves is unconscionable.

Warning — this ad is quite brutal and gruesome, because that’s the kind of slaughter of animals Palin champions:

And Palin doesn’t just go after adult animals:

As if this wasn’t enough, now Palin’s administration is allowing its “Department of Wildlife Conservation” to enter into wolf dens and slaughter wolf pups; in July, her henchmen went to retrieve adult wolf carcasses they had shot a month earlier from a helicopter and then found the wolves’ pups in their den and so dispatched them one-by-one with pistol shots to the head.

They then tried to conceal their actions from the public. When they were exposed, they said they had tried to place the orphaned wolves with zoos. Then the zoos said no one had contacted them.

DoW has more:

“This is the first time in more than 20 years that department biologists shot and killed wolves from the air and the first time that it has killed pups in their den. Alaska law prohibits the killing of pups in their dens as part of a predator reduction effort (Regulation 5AAC 92.110(i)) What’s more, the state itself advised the Board of Game in January of 2008 that it should reject a proposal that sought to allow killing in the den. So, clearly the state is aware the practice is illegal even as part of a predator control effort. Had this predator control program been scientifically and legally based it would not have been conducted at a time of year when wolves are tending to newly born offspring, making the illegal killing of pups in the den inevitable.

“Over the past year, the state has produced several publications as part of its $400,000 public education campaign designed to inform Alaskans about the facts of its programs. Our scientific and legal review of this information has found similar omissions of critical information including overstating the impact of predation on moose and caribou populations and failing to recognize the importance of other limiting factors. The state’s recent omission of important facts regarding its control efforts in its ‘public education’ materials appears to be clearly intentional and designed to influence the vote on the pending ballot measure regarding the aerial hunting of wolves and bears. One has to wonder if the department tried to keep the killing of these wolf pups under wraps because of the upcoming vote.

When Palin said she was like a pit bull with lipstick, I thought she was making a joke. Maybe she wasn’t. Kudos to Defenders of Wildlife for calling out Palin for championing such savagery.

11 Responses to Must see ad: Palin “champions … savagery”

  1. paulm says:

    Evil Palin?

    Palin the wolf killer – Watch out Obama. What’s the bounty on him?

    Interesting to see what Google association searches give now. Try …
    Scares the hell out of me

  2. Bob Wallace says:

    So Palin will spend tax payers money to promote recreational wolf killing but won’t buy rape kits for the police so that they have the tools to convict rapists?

    Wonder where she found guidance for that kind of thinking in her Bible?

  3. paulm says:

    Heres a dilemma many may face on different levels.

    Should I contribute my current budget I put aside for offsetting climate change to Climate Change or should I make a donation with it to the Red Cross for the recent Hurricane victims, especially those in Haiti?

    Haitians struggle after Ike

  4. Jay Alt says:

    Anchorage Daily News
    Wanted: 900-1,400 dead Alaska Black bears

    The aerial wolf hunts were opposed (successfully) in a lawsuit by a state biologist, so the agency ‘changed’ the program and continued it in 02007. This year Alaskans turned the blame onto bears for a natural caribou decline.

    Palin’s practice of using pseudo-science to justify her policy decisions sounds very familiar.

  5. JCH says:

    paulm, there is no dilemma. Funding is not finite. The cupboard is not bare. Haiti dollars are not in competition with climate-change dollars. Lomborg brewed up that that can of bilge, and you’ve swallowed it.

  6. paulm says:

    JCH OK I’ll split it.

  7. gaiasdaughter says:

    For those of you who would like to speak out against Palin as the VP choice, there is a petition being generated at [URL=””]. Pass it on.

  8. Jade in San Francisco says:

    I’m already sick of Sarah Palin. I hope voters will see right through her.

  9. paulm says:

    Palin under fire after grudging U-turn on global warming
    Sarah Palin, who presents herself as half of a Republican team of maverick reformers, yesterday edged away from her outmoded views on climate change, conceding for the first time that the problem might be man-made.

  10. shop says:

    So Palin will spend tax payers money to promote recreational wolf killing but won’t buy rape kits for the police so that they have the tools to convict rapists?