Resources for Ike, hurricanes, and global warming

The best hurricane blog. The National Hurricane Center advisories on Ike.
Here is an image of Hurricane Ike from the International Space Station.

Here are some relevant posts on the hurricane-climate link:

Here is NWF on hurricanes and climate.

7 Responses to Resources for Ike, hurricanes, and global warming

  1. JCH says:

    I left town. My wife is hunkered down in our 14th floor Condo. She’s the tough one.

  2. paulm says:

    This is also a useful site especially if you have any connections in the Caribbean. You get hands on reports from many of the Islands.

  3. Earl Killian says:

    The site says Ike contains 124 TJ of energy. Wow. That is more than twice the detonation energy of the Hiroshima bomb. It is more spread out in Ike of course.

  4. Richard C says:

    Way to go JCH. Make sure she cleans the windows.

  5. TomG says:

    What windows?

  6. Rick_c says:

    We evcuated to my mom’s house just outside of San Antonio and watched the hurricane Ike show from a distance. Forutnately at this late hour we suffered no damage and we have electricity and water. We live on the west side of Houston and were spared the brunt of the hurricane though Ike’s poorly defined eye passed over our neighborhood.

    The remarkable thing was that inspite of the large numbers that didn’t evacuate Galvenston that loss of life was so low. May we all live such charmed lives.

  7. Robert says:

    There is a certain irony that the largest city in the most carbon-intensive city of the most carbon-intensice country should be hit by Ike.

    I don’t suppose anyone but me noticed the connection. Probably too busy restoring their electricity and repairing their air-conditioning…