The scariest thing John McCain has ever said

John McCain told NPR this morning that, regarding Governor Palin, he has “turned to her advice many times in the past … particularly on energy issues.” Many?

This would be especially scary when you consider that few people in the country are more misinformed on energy than Sarah Palin, the fungible candidate, a woman

Here are John McCain’s full comments:

NPR: Given what you’ve said Senator, is there an occasion where you could imagine turning to Governor Palin for advice in a foreign policy crisis.

MCCAIN: I’ve turned to her advice many times in the past….

NPR: But would you turn to Governor Palin?

MCCAIN: … I’ve already turned to Governor Palin particularly on energy issues and I’ve appreciated her background and knowledge on that and many other issues.

I think we can all agree that it would be much better if McCain were simply lying here, than actually telling the truth.

Hat tip to TP.

4 Responses to The scariest thing John McCain has ever said

  1. TomG says:

    This is getting bizarre…

  2. JCH says:

    Now remember, not only can you see Russia form Alaska, the Imperial Japanese Army once invaded Alaska.

  3. Doug says:

    It went like this:

    McCain: “So, Sarah, when you’re up in one of those planes shooting at wolves, can you see the oil rigs from up there?”

    Palin: “Er, sure, yeah, sometimes, if we fly close enough.”

    McCain: “How about Russians? You ever see any Russians while you were up there?”

    Palin: “Nope.”

    So there you have it. He consulted her on energy and foreign policy.

  4. Jim Bullis says:

    Under the Constitution the Vice President has a primary job which is to replace the President if necessary. In one bold stroke John McCain showed by picking Palin that he puts no value on his own experience.