Bob Lutz does a Sarah Palin on global warming

muzzle.jpgJust as McCain has tried to muzzle his Vice-Presidential denier, so too has GM tried to muzzle its Vice Chair denier.

McCain didn’t succeed (see Palin on CBS: “I’m not going to solely blame all of man’s activities on changes in climate” and Palin in debate STILL gets global warming backwards). And GM hasn’t done much better, at least on The Colbert Report (see GM’s Lutz is nuts).

Lutz has now adopted one Palin strategy. If you don’t want to or simply can’t answer a question, then don’t. Here is GM’s Vice Chair of Global Product Development on 60 Minutes yesterday:

Speaking about his own personal carbon footprint, Lutz acknowledges he and his wife own two helicopters and two jets.

“You have a terrible reputation with environmentalists, as you well know,” Stahl points out.

“Well, actually some of them like me but go ahead…,” Lutz replies.

“Well they don’t like what you said about global warming,” Stahl says. “Do you want to repeat what you said about global warming?”

“Of course not, because this is a family network,” Lutz says.

“You don’t think there’s global warming? Is that really true?” Stahl asks.

“I’m not going to get into this. Because…,” Lutz replies.

“Because you got into so much trouble when you said it the first time?” Stahl asks.

“That could be right. Yeah,” Lutz admits.

What Lutz said in January is, “man-made global warming is a crock of s…t.” So he’s no environmentalist.

And remember, this guy is just a heartbeat away from the chairmanship of General Motors.

Perhaps GM could take a lesson from the McCain campaign and just stop sending Lutz out to talk to the media. Is there really nobody else in the entire company who can talk to the media about electric cars, plug ins, and the Chevy Volt?

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14 Responses to Bob Lutz does a Sarah Palin on global warming

  1. Doug says:

    Is there really nobody else in the entire company who can talk to the media about electric cars, plug ins, and the Chevy Volt?

    I guess they’re figuring that consumers will make their choice based on personality, rather than issues…

  2. paulm says:

    Outstanding article!

    This is Not the John McCain New Hampshire Once Loved

    …More to the point, he continues almost daily to demonstrate that instability and other judgmental and temperamental concerns, issues and complaints that originally brought a slew of challengers into the Republican primary contests. And in the most important decision of his candidacy, he cynically and irresponsibly chose the supremely unqualified Sarah Palin, cheapening the race as if it were some high school popularity contest or the latest “American Idol” competition.

  3. Raven says:

    Human history is full of doomsday scares that were eventually shown to be either grossly exaggerated or completely wrong. There is no reason to believe that the current hype over CO2 is any different. In fact, anyone who believes otherwise better hope they are wrong because the ongoing financial meltdown/recession will put an end to any discussion of anything other than feel good measures that accomplish nothing.

  4. crf says:

    “Human history is full of doomsday scares that were eventually shown to be either grossly exaggerated or completely wrong.”

    Who is talking “doomsday”? Not “doomsday”, but a very severe crisis that left unchecked and unmitigated will, in all likelihood, constrain the social development of Humans.

    Also, your premise about “doomsday”, if by what you mean is collapse, death, and disbandment of social structures that hold civilisation together, then you are utterly wrong. In fact, for almost our entire history, humans have been scratching out an existence one step away of extinction, sometimes, no doubt, due in part to changes in the past in earth’s climate. No humans, until about 7000 years ago, even had civilisations. Since then, the majority of human civilisations have collapsed. The global civilisation we have now isn’t likely going to collapse like previous civilisations though. That doesn’t mean that what it becomes will be better that what we have now, or equal to what we imagine a future might be.

    The reasons people who know more than you (most experts on the subject) are concerned is because their theories and their evidence, subjected to a scientific questioning unparalled in human history, have identified great RISKS in allowing carbon dioxide concentrations to rise further in the atmosphere.

    People who can only deal in certainty, who idiotically theorise that “there is no reason to believe” only because some see no problems, cannot possibly make any sensible contribution to any discussion on any topic of controversy.

  5. paulm says:

    Human history is full of doomsday scares that were real and shown to be either grossly under exaggerated or completely catastrophic!

    The AGW Climate Change crisis is hurting already.

    Wall Street and the climate crisis

    As we confront global climate change – perhaps the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced – business and government leaders have an opportunity to learn from the Wall Street debacle and get it right.

    Direct Climate Change Action Now!

  6. scott says:

    forget climate change for a moment; this guy’s job relates to GM’s balance sheet.

    On that criteria alone, he has been a miserable failure. GM is getting killed right now, in large part because they are way behind in the R&D pipeline to produce fuel-efficient vehicles.

    So he should be fired immediately for that reason. The fact that he’s an AGW denier isn’t specifically related to his poor job performance, although it does give you an idea about his obstinance (he also claims to have been completely blindsided by rising gas prices, as if no one had ever predicted that).

  7. Lars Dahlager says:

    I actually think its pretty good news when a climate skeptic turns to electric cars out of pure necessity, see:,8599,1841374-2,00.html

    Lutz: “Even as we face the Grim Reaper, we would still be spending money on the Volt.”

    Thats commitment, so who cares whether he’s a denier or not. The threat of global warming is not gonna win this game short term – self preservation is.

  8. arbie says:

    Harry Shearer is behind this Sarah Palin music video “Bridge to Nowhere”:

  9. John Hollenberg says:

    > Human history is full of doomsday scares that were eventually shown to be either grossly exaggerated or completely wrong.

    Perhaps you are thinking of the plague, which swept Europe in the 1400’s and killed an estimated 75 million people. Oops, I guess that would be a counterexample :-)

  10. TomG says:

    Last century had a few low spots.
    Two World Wars, the 1918 Pandemic and I remember something called the Cuban Missile Crisis that was a “doomsday” that didn’t happen, but came far too close for comfort….

  11. Raven says:

    War and past pandemics were not disasters “predicted” by doomsayers. They just happened. If you want to use disease as an example look at the BSE, SARS and bird flu scares – both turned out to be grossly exagerrated concerns after the fact.

  12. gaiasdaughter says:

    Raven, some disasters have been grossly exaggerated and others have not. The vulnerability of New Orleans to hurricane damage is an example of a disaster that was not exaggerated; the Y2K anxiety is an example of one that was. So the critical part of your statement is the ‘there is no reason to believe’ part. If you are convinced ‘there is no reason to believe,’ I suggest you visit “The Great Global Warming Debate” at If you really examine the evidence, you will find that there is every reason to believe this threat is real and the consequences of inaction could be very unpleasant and long lasting. When you consider how much is at stake, ask yourself if there is a chance you could be wrong? Wonderingmind42 has created a series of videos exploring the question of risk management as it relates to global climate change. He side-steps the issue of ‘is it real or is it not’ and looks at risks involved in taking action versus inaction. His videos are catalogued at If none of this convinces you, have a look at the stream of scientific studies relating to the causes and effects of global warming as they are continuously summarized at Science Daily

  13. Bob Wallace says:

    “Human history is full of doomsday scares that were eventually shown to be either grossly exaggerated or completely wrong. There is no reason to believe that the current hype over CO2 is any different. ”

    Plenty of examples such as wild-eyed guys walking the sidewalk with “The End is Neigh!” signs, fears of invasions from Mars, yep, we got those.

    How about some examples of “doomsday scares” that had the backing of the vast majority of experts in the field, all major scientific organizations, and the world’s governments?

    Oh, yeah, make sure those “doomsday scares” you site were also backed by solid data to prove that at one point they were well underway but failed.

    You know stuff like polar ice melting, glaciers retreating, vegetation moving higher up the mountains and further toward the poles, oceans rising, spring coming earlier, animals moving to previously cooler places, ….

  14. Thomas Jones says:

    Lutz is an idiot. I watched the 60 minutes program. This man owns planes and copters but can’t get his nasty front teeth fixed. Moron. Beyond the obvious character flaws/limits, this stupid man has the audacity to waste any amount of time on the program discussing how they can have a CD with audio tracks of your favorite car sound given the lack of engine noise in the new volt. Not only is this juvenile, it demonstrates that this man has no business in the car business. Even mentioning such a ridiculous and trivial thing in these times of economic strife and utter theft by the likes of who he probably golfs with on a regular basis, it is both insulting and demeaning to the public. Lutz should be Sh*t canned now! The volt is going to be the worst product in the new line up of high efficiency vehicles. The vehicle’s current MPG rating can be as low as 50MPG depending on distance driven. While I agree with a 40 mile range electric, and all the stats of how this will cover most people’s driving habits, the reality is that there are many new players coming into the automotive business that are at least claiming that they will achieve 100mpg rating. And if that’s not enough, there are kits that can convert existing parallel hybrids to plug-in and increased range leading so a similar 100mpg rating. All of the evidence, plus the likely 40K price tag for the volt leads to one big conclusion. GM will fail… AGAIN. Just look at their performance now! They are gettin pretty good at this! It’s time GM’s stockholders wake up. It’s time to burn down the mission! Fire Lutz before it’s too late! Get someone in there who can turn the volt project around before it’s batteries are dead on arrival, or the sequel movie will be titled: “The Electric car killed who??”