A Green Path out of the Red

NPR’s Living on Earth explores the elements of a green economic bailout here:

As Washington rescues Wall Street, a growing chorus of big thinkers from the left and right are calling for a greener approach– using investment in clean energy and efficiency as a way to stimulate the economy.

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4 Responses to A Green Path out of the Red

  1. hapa says:

    funny thing, when van jones talks puts together ecology and economics—

    The bottom line is that we got ourselves into trouble because we started building our economy based on consumption, based on debt, and based on environmental destruction. The way forward is to recreate the U.S. economy so it’s based on production, savings, and environmental restoration.

    —other people always seem to reframe him as a clean tech investment booster. it’s possible the inability to put people and planet in the picture — on our own terms, not as assets, or liabilities — is connected to having let the finance situation go as far as it has down the hole.

    one can hope for more than another bubble, right? one can hope for democracy and a returned commitment to raising our standard of living, in sustainable fashion, with secure good paying jobs and more dependable access to health, shelter, education, fair credit, without fear of family or community bankruptcy?

    or must one be flush with sovereign wealth to have security. must one already have their golden parachute hanging by the marked exits.

    to save the ocean and conserve fresh water, we need to change how we grow our food. we need to change how we enrich our soil. this will probably mean hiring more people to meet demand, even after you figure in the cattle and gasohol industries losing a little ground. is that a worse crime, hiring those people, than wrecking our fisheries and going bone dry?

    depends what you think is an asset and what a liability, doesn’t it.

    we have a lot to teach our economic selves about how this planet works.

  2. paulm says:

    “It’s the climate, stupid.”

    Well lets hope everyone realizes in time the main issue.

  3. Robert says:

    I have started to see green jobs on certain employment sites, heres a few (professional networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to jobs)

    good luck to those searching for jobs….green or otherwise