Pickens suckered by Palin: “She gets this energy situation”

Yes, he loves wind power. But beyond that, I lose more respect for the oilman every day. Consider what he wrote on his blog Friday:

Met with Sarah Palin the day after her debate with Joe Biden. She came to our Dallas offices with her husband, Todd, to talk about energy and the Pickens Plan….

Governor Palin comes from an energy state, and I’ll tell you, she gets this energy situation. We talked about it like two oil and gas professionals.

Pickens is calling Palin his equal? I guess that is what one would call “self-disqualification.”

Palin is a one-talking-point deep joke on energy (see “Sarah Palin is the fungible candidate” and “Palin in debate STILL gets global warming backwards and repeats Big Energy Lie twice” and “Note to media: Palin is NOT energy expert“). I take that back. No one who has a serious chance of becoming vice President under a 72-year-old multiple cancer survivor can be called a joke.

There are only two plausible explanations for Pickens’ comment. Either he really believes what he is saying, in which case he is losing it. Or, more charitably, he is pushing standard conservative spin, which merely proves that he still doesn’t understand which party is in favor of his big government-led renewable energy strategy and which will fight it to the death (see “Pickens learns the hard truth: Drill-only GOP hates alternative energy” and “Pickens in a pickle: He embraces progressive policies but not progressive politicians“).

If you want straight talk from a rich, conservative energy expert who gets peak oil, you’ll have to stick with Matt Simmons: “John McCain is energy illiterate. He’s just witless about this stuff.” Here is the rest of Pickens’ puff piece:

When we sat down in our conference room, we talked about the debate and then, because I knew she was short on time, we got right into the business at hand–energy, and the danger of continuing to import 70% of our oil requirements.

We spent some time talking about ANWR–the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We didn’t agree on how much oil is up there, but I told her I was all for drilling. You know what I say about this: I’m for anything American.

Her husband Todd sat in on the meeting. You know that he’s a steelworker in the oil fields during the Alaskan summers, so he understands a good bit of this, too. He was interested in the concept of filling your vehicle in your garage overnight using the same gas line that goes to your kitchen range and hot water heater.

Governor Palin wanted to understand the idea that the federal government should lead the way in moving to vehicles fueled by natural gas. We also talked about how to make the biggest impact quickly: Moving over-the-road trucks away from diesel and onto natural gas. I told her that if we had one million trucks running on natural gas, we could cut our imports of foreign diesel by 40%.

These candidates travel with a big entourage of advance people, staff, press, and Secret Service, and after nearly an hour one of them came into the conference room to tell her they needed to get going. But Gov. Palin took the time to take a group photo with Todd and me sitting in front of my staff, which was very thoughtful of her.

I don’t know who is going to win this election, but I do know whichever team wins they’ll know about the Pickens Plan.

— Boone

Scholars and Rogues comments on a Monday Pickens interview with David Gregory. A. Siegel dismantles a recent blogger call Pickens had.

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8 Responses to Pickens suckered by Palin: “She gets this energy situation”

  1. vakibs says:

    Pickens never changed. He has always been the same old oil-man. He has never been a friend to the environment. His wind-power brouhaha is just a careful maneouver to sell more and more natural gas.

    You should be a simpleton for not reading through his lines, at the very first instant.

  2. Rick says:

    They keep saying she knows energy. She claims it as her basic area of expertise. There must be more to it than just being an oil development advocate.

    I mean you can’t get away with claiming knowledge you don’t have when you’re under a microscope like she is, right?

  3. crf says:

    An empty vessel, now quickly filling from salivating republican businessmen, anxious to begin the feed.

  4. Scott says: gets energy

  5. Pickens is a businessman and to a lesser extent a politician trying to keep all the doors open. His plan is designed to unite red staters (natural gas) and blue staters (wind). Here he is trying to convince red staters here that he is one of them while putting forward an energy plan, something that has not gone well with supposedly free market loving red-staters. So he is trying to balance public perception of himself by putting in a plug for Sarah.

    Furthermore, his interest in natural gas makes his affinity to Palin a natural. He is preparing though for either a Democratic or Republican administration. I think his focus on natural gas is a long-term bust but what I think isn’t going to stop him from pursuing what he knows and feels comfortable with (as well as potentially what would be highly profitable for him and other people with natural gas interests).

  6. gaiasdaughter says:

    “I don’t know who is going to win this election, but I do know whichever team wins they’ll know about the Pickens Plan.”

    I think that is his motivation right there. Make friends with anyone who could be in a position to help you out down the road.

  7. Jose says:

    Yes, i am officially off the pickensplan support group. This lady is a dimwit

  8. Jim Bullis says:

    I am still waiting for the Pickens – Simmons sponsored Swift Boat of Obama adds.

    This kindly old gray haired grandpa who showed total contempt for the truth four years ago should get no serious audience anywhere.

    When he says natural gas is abundant, he should have to show his data.

    As I read it, the EIA says we have about eight years supply left.