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Full frontal nudity exposed

By Joe Romm on October 9, 2008 at 10:25 am

"Full frontal nudity exposed"


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The current Consumer Reports has a quiz to help educate readers about those benign-sounding industry-funded front groups. As CR writes, “You think Americans for Balanced Energy Choices tout solar power? Nope.”

Match the groupswith their mission (click to enlarge, answers below):


Even better, CR has set up a website with the Center for Media and Democracy, Full Frontal Scrutiny:

… to focus public attention on the people and organizations who function in our society as hidden persuaders. You’ll find them at work posting to blogs, speaking before city councils, quoted in newspapers and published on the editorial page, even sponsoring presidential election debates. All this while pretending to represent the grassroots when in fact they are working against citizens’ best interests.

The site has a blog and a wiki. Kudos to CR and the CMD.

Here are the answers to the quiz: A, 3; B, 1; C, 6; D, 2; E, 4; F, 5.

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