Q: Why does Sarah Palin wear a polar bear pin?

polar-bear-tongue.jpegA1: She wants to help people remember what they looked like before her policies render them extinct.

A2: She likes sticking it to the bears.

A3. She couldn’t find a wolf-cub pin.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is famously fighting the Bush administration liberals who designated the polar bears a threatened species, and her global warming denial, if enshrined into law, would finish off the bear’s habitat (see “McCain VP Palin is a global-warming-denying, polar-bear-dissing, Pat Buchanan acolyte“).

Yet she wears a polar bear pin off her right shoulder. [Some of you are looking in the wrong direction. That image off to the side of Palin’s right shoulder is Cindy McCain, who I’m guessing just loves standing behind her husband’s VP choice.]


Notwithstanding Palin’s faux pas of wearing white (with a white pin!) after Labor Day, her pin is clearly missing either a bull’s-eye or a red circle with a slash through it. I wonder what Polar bears against Palin think of this.

Given that eBay founder Meg Whitman is a McCain supporter, I suppose it is no surprise that you can buy the same pin Palin wears on eBay:

Replica of Sarah Palins’s polar bear lapel pin which she wore during several interviews. This pin is handfinished, made of a ceramic material, and has a very durable finish with push pin back. This pin will show your support for Sarah Palin in a classy way. Dimensions — 1″ x 2″; Weight — less than 1 oz.

Only $14.99 plus $3.50 shipping. As my daddy used to say, it’d be a steal at half that price.

Personally, I’m going to wait for the grolar bear pin.

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28 Responses to Q: Why does Sarah Palin wear a polar bear pin?

  1. It’s simply another example of the Republic-cons Orwellian misdirection: War is peace, we don’t torture, etc.

  2. Rick says:

    Palin likes putting antlers on walls and bears on the couch. She probably thinks of it as a trophy pin more than a save the bears pin.

    somehow this reminds me of the Obama lapel flag flap. He hates putting that thing on – but he has to anyway – such is politics

  3. OneSmallVoice says:

    It seems like a strange coincidence that this is the symbol of the Alaskan Independence Party that she claimed to not be a part of.

  4. Dan says:

    The polar bear is the symbol of the Alaskan Independence Party. I can’t believe she would be so bold as to wear it on a national stage.

  5. johnny cacahuates says:

    Pin signifies, “Darn good eatin’!”

  6. irishdave3 says:

    isn’t the Polar Bear the symol of the Independent Republic of Alaska …aka..IRA…oh, NO0o they be TERROSTS, eh?

  7. Mr.Sadistic says:

    Well I did not know that the polar bear is the symbol of the Alaskan Independence Party.

    That then would make appear as a ‘dog whistle’ tatic…..

  8. purpleOnion says:

    The reason that the republican leadership chose Sarah Palin for VP, is that their corporate masters told them that if they didn’t have anyone as “great” as Richard Cheney then they should pick someone who wouldn’t get in the way and do a little cheerleading for them when told. A republican president is a pitch man for the corporate agenda. The only problem decision makers have with McCain is that he is a lousy salesman. He couldn’t sell snow to a hiker lost for two days in the desert.

  9. purpleOnion says:

    I went to a couple’s house and they took me to a softly lit room with the heads of large North American mammals on the four walls. He thought of them as trophies, and wanted to see if I was suitably impressed, but how could I be impressed when I felt as if I sat in tragic cemetary.

    Each of them died violently. A monster of a moose head, a twelve point buck, mountain goat, javelina, condor, cougar, buffalo, wild cat, bear, badger, beaver, raccoon, coyote, deer, Yeti, (kidding,) fox, jaguar, elk, wolf, and more, all perched over my head blankly starring down. I felt like saying a prayer and I’m not religious. He killed them all for sport.

    His wife sat close to him as if glued to his side wearing a smile that wouldn’t go away. She was proud of their life, because they had been to most of the beautiful places in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to kill something so they could add it to their populous graveyard. They were a very nice couple, polite, courteous, and interesting. The next time they invited me for dinner I didn’t want to go.

    Does it really matter that Palin sees wolves and polar bears as a hindrance to human expansion into unsettled areas. Eliminating the two mammals would make Alaska more attractive to settlers and better for business. For the polar bear and wolves not so much.

  10. johnnyRocketpants says:

    I say wrong purpleOnion. McCain picked her, or at least his bush-style surrogates picked her cuz he has no real control of his campaign, and he’s bowing to those who destroyed him in 2000. And now he’s too old and feeble to tell them, “hey wait a sec, she’s a flat-earther, and I hate those people, and I’ve always been against evangelicals until you guys told me to embrace them,… what a sec” and then they throw another dart into his neck.

    McCain allowed the “new” repubs to hijack his campaign, and have painted him into a corner. This election cycle will be taught for generations.

  11. johnnyRocketpants says:

    Perhaps you’re right pO. I think we’re speaking the same language. I just feel sorry for the old man. Taken advantage in 2000, and taken advantage now.

  12. Ned says:

    It is a flag pin — representing the flag of an independent Alaska, the goal of the Alaskan Independence Party.

  13. Ace Armstrong says:

    Once again the post modern world serves up one of its delicious delicacies of contradiction. The polar bear is the symbol of the Alaska Independent Party and the policies and platform of the AIP could well render the polar bear extinct.
    Several other examples that come to mind are the presence of the grizzly bear on the state flag of California, and the use of the color red to identify the Republican Party – it was also the color of the godless soviet empire’s Communist Party.
    So it goes.

  14. Doug Alder says:

    Notice she’s not wearing a flag pin. She must hate America.

  15. Cathy says:

    The Polar Bear is the symbol for the Alaska Independence Party. A bit of subliminal messaging here?

  16. Blue state man says:

    I see Cathy beat me to it, but the polar bear is the symbol for the AIP a.k.a. Alaskan Independence Party. The party that wants Alaska to leave the Union of the United States.

  17. Chris says:

    A4 (Probably out of sequence) a real polar bear was too big to fit on her chest.

  18. Jeff says:

    That image off to the side of Palin’s right shoulder is Cindy McCain, who I’m guessing just loves standing behind her husband’s VP choice.

    Checking out the competition’s ass, it looks like

  19. clay says:

    I heard this week that the polar bear is the official sign of the Alaskan Independence Party. Don’t know if it is true, but it wouldn’t suprise me if she was wearing that pin to show her solidarity to their cause.

  20. Tom says:

    Maybe because a polar bear is the symbol of the AIP. Check out their logo on their website at

  21. Alice says:

    She wears it as a show of solidarity with the Alaksa Independance Party. The Polar Bear is their symbol.

  22. Dimples says:

    This pin is the symbol of the Alaskan Independent Party and their Motto is Alaska First Alaska Always.

  23. John Mashey says:

    AIP is not the only entity within Alaska to have a polar bear as part of its logo. For example, U of Alaska – Fairbanks’ athletics teams are called “Nanooks”, after the Eskimo word for polar bear. I suspect it would be very difficult to prove the pin was an AIP shout-out. Orf course, it is also fashion-odd to choose a pure white pin to wear on a pure-white blouse.

    BUT, if you really want to follow Palin, and you haven’t yet discovered Mudflats, that’s often been ahead of the mainstream media by a few weeks, with lots of relevant local information. As typical, not always right, but often right&early.

    For a good recent consolidation of the AIP/Palin story, with many videos, see Salon Story, or videos from the CNN story, at DailyKos.

    Note: an issued raised somewhere is whether Todd’s AIP membership, and Sarah’s interactions with them would cause trouble for security clearances …. (probably not something that need be worried about … but one wonders, what happens if someone is elected Pres/VP and they can’t get an adequate clearance level?)

  24. Dana Milbank reveals all in an online chat at WaPo:

    “I believe that is not a pin but an actual endangered Polar Bear pup pinned to her lapel. It was taken from its mother in ANWR. “

  25. daryl fenio says:

    Isn’t it funny that someone who accuses so many of being anti-american is married to a man that is a member of the AIP, a party whose platform revolves around wanting to secede from the United States of America? How much more anti-american could one be?

  26. J. Bowen says:

    I love Sarah Palin and I love her polar bear pin. I’m ordering me and my sister-in-law a pin. Regardless of whether McCain/Palin wins the election, I will always be a Sarah Palin fan. My husband and I both love her as well as both our families.

    I have never laughed so hard in my life as I have over the jealous liberals and all the petty things they have found to criticize Sarah for since she joined the McCain ticket. You can’t find anything of any importance to criticize her for because she is beautiful, intelligent and honest (something Obama knows nothing about). We’ve never had a more dishonest person running for president in my life time and I mean democrats and republicans. GO SARAH!

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