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We know that Palin wants polar bears to go extinct, even though she wears a polar bear pin. And we know that under Palin, wolves are being slaughtered from helicopters and, for the first time ever, Alaska’s “Department of Wildlife Conservation” is entering into wolf dens and slaughtering wolf pups (see Palin “champions … savagery”).

Now you can add another animal to Palin’s enemies [extinction?] list, as the NYT reported Friday:

The federal government on Friday placed beluga whales that live in Cook Inlet in Alaska on the endangered species list, rejecting efforts by Gov. Sarah Palin and others against increased protection.

As Jeff Foxworthy might say, you might be a redneck an extremist if you think the Bush administration is going too far to protect wildlife. The NYT explains:

The relatively small, whitish whales, sometimes visible from downtown Anchorage, declined by almost 50 percent in the late 1990s, and federal scientists say they have not rebounded despite a series of protections [and] are in danger of extinction….

Well, if Palin can actually see the whales from downtown Anchorage, then I suppose that makes her a marine biologist. Seriously, though, the reason this harmless but endangered animal is in the sights of Sarah the Barracuda is that its continued existence might interfere with the work of her beloved, rapacious Big Oil buddies:

As with the polar bear, Ms. Palin’s administration opposed the beluga listing in part because of its potential to restrict coastal and offshore oil and gas development. The beluga listing could also affect other projects, including the expansion of the Port of Anchorage and a proposed bridge over Knik Arm that would connect Anchorage to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and Ms. Palin’s hometown, Wasilla.

“I am especially concerned,” the governor said in a written statement in August 2007, when her administration submitted documents to fight the listing, “that an unnecessary federal listing and designation of critical habitat would do serious long-term damage to the vibrant economy of the Cook Inlet area.”

On Friday, Ms. Palin said the state had had “serious concerns about the low population of belugas in Cook Inlet for many years,” but she called the listing “premature.”

I fully understand where Palin is coming from. Of course the listing is “premature” — there still are a few beluga whales left.

Polar bears, wolf cubs, and whales — quite an axis of evil in the animal kingdom. What will Palin go after next: Pandas? Kittens? Bald eagles?

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7 Responses to Palin’s axis of evil animals: Beluga whales join polar bears and wolf cubs

  1. Sydni Moser says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have forwarded your blog to several Obama lists. I found your blog site today listed in an article in the NY Times, on the Candidates agreeing on Global Warming. As would be expected, McCain has recently backed off an aggressive approach to limit greenhouse gas emissions, citing the current state of the economy. Obama has not changed his stance, saying that funding alternative fuel research will create jobs.

    So happy to have found you…..


  2. David B. Benson says:

    At one time, several (many) decades ago, the Alaska Fisheries section of the Alaska government offered bounties on bald eagles (and also arctic grayling). At that time they thought this would increase salmon populations.

  3. Gary Herstein says:

    “Well, if Palin can actually see the whales from downtown Anchorage…”


    1. Global warming has raised ocean levels. We’ll see what that causes human beings to do …

    2. She’d shoot them, skin them, eat them, and name one of her children “Ambergris.” (I’d say “Caviar,” but she’d have to know the difference between a Beluga and a Sperm whale.)

  4. Kathy N says:

    Thank-you once again for getting the information out about Palin. I saw a Doc film a couple of months back titled “Baked Alaska”. I believe it was shot in 2007. How could it happen that the people of Alaska elected a person without any idea of the fragile nature of that state. It grieves me to know what oil money has cost the natives of that land. Some are fighting back but others have been bribed with the promises of dirty money and jobs in the oil fields. There is a Professer at the U of Alaska
    Geophysical Institue named Gunter Weller. He is in the film and tells of the
    current conditions there. There is a village called Huslia in the northwest corner where he has doc a 4degree C rise in tempature. The permafrost is melting to such a degree that the lakes there are gone. Drained away!
    They now have no fish, no beaver, no muskrats. no ducks or geese to hunt. In Anwar there is a tribe that is fighting HER, Bush and big oil. Evon Peter is the village chief he’s a young man with a great heart and a warrior spirit, they are Caribou People and as the ex-map maker formaly with the USGS tells in the film the drill site for oil is the same area that the Caribou calf their young. The map maker lost his job when he posted a map to the web that showed the area as vital to the Caribou.In Alaska the goverment is spending $36 million a yr. on repairs to roads and infrastructure damage due to perm-frost melt. Have’nt seen it in the news have you??

  5. Miriam says:

    How can she say she’s pro life if she cares not for these wise & wondrous creatures of God?

  6. llewelly says:

    What will Palin go after next: Pandas? Kittens? Bald eagles?

    I know, I know, salmon are hardly endangered – but fine salmon rivers have been ruined by unwise mining practices, and other sources of water pollution. Could happen to Bristol Bay too.

  7. Cynthia says:

    Strange that conservatives are referred to as the “Religious Right”. They bash gays and condemn woman’s right to choose and then act like they’re so holy. They’re not concerned about Climate Change because they think Jesus will appear out of the clouds and swoop them up to Paradise. In reality, they’re the party of materialism, greed, selfishness and ignorance– the exact opposite of what Jesus preached.

    Liberals are concerned for future generations, embrace Science (Truth), and are good stewards of the Earth. If Conservatives don’t get their act together, they’re going to hell, not Paradise! And that includes the dispicable “Sarah Palin”. It breaks my heart what she does to this beautiful Earth!