Maryland climate campaigners on terrorist list

The NYT‘s Andy Revkin has the sorry story here:

For a 13-month stretch starting in March 2005, three environmentalists working for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network [CCAN] were listed in a Maryland State Police data base as being “suspected of involvement in terrorism.” The description went on to note that the police had “no evidence whatsoever of any involvement in violent crime,” and the listing, and possible tracking, did not continue.

I’m good friends with the founder of CCAN, Mike Tidwell, and regularly appear on his radio show, Earthbeat, most recently on September 30 to talk about “The Candidates & a New Green Economy.” Mike is as much a terrorist as Barack Obama, notwithstanding certain equally absurd attacks on the Illinois Senator.

On his blog, Mike responds and urges everyone to email Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley:

Since 2001, I have devoted my life entirely to the peaceful promotion of windmills and solar panels to solve global warming….

I was on this outrageous “watch” list apparently because of a single act of peaceful civil disobedience I participated in outside a coal-fired power plant in 2004. CCAN’s former deputy director Josh Tulkin was also put in the database as was another former CCAN staffer who has chosen to remain anonymous. Neither of these people has ever been arrested for anything in their entire lives.

This is, of course, an outrage and a threat, not just to civil liberties in Maryland, but to the state’s entire environmental community. When people who are trying SAVE the climate and SAVE the Bay are considered terrorists, the world has truly been turned upside down….

Send an email: Write an email to the Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley asking him to release all surveillance files kept on CCAN staff and other activists statewide. (Presently, the police want to destroy the files without releasing printed copies, another outrage!) And ask O’Malley to support comprehensive legislation to prevent similar abuses from happening again. Send an email>>

This paranoia is the legacy of the self-destructive lies spewed by the the deniers and the delayer and the inactivists, starting at the top with Dick Cheney and George Bush.

One Response to Maryland climate campaigners on terrorist list

  1. paulm says:

    Lets face it…there is going to have to be more civil disobedience as part of the effort to curtail CO2. This means there are going to be a lot more people in the same boat.