The most absurd greenwashing ad in history

When you watch this staggering piece of deception, just remember:

Fortunately, the ad seems so desperate I can’t actually see it winning any votes. Indeed, it shows bipartisanship on the part of Obama.

And on the very positive side, it helps make clear that whoever wins the presidency has a genuine mandate to take regulatory action on climate.

One Response to The most absurd greenwashing ad in history

  1. CharlieH says:

    In relation to this topic, I thought you might be interested in the below event hosted by Shell on November 19th:
    “The concept of ‘sustainability’, the use of the term by corporate organisations, and issues around communication have all recently been the subject of debate. Bjorn Edlund’s Webchat will discuss, amongst other things, what Shell means by ‘sustainability’, whether companies are trying to hijack the issues, and if advertising claims hold water. We are looking for a broad and informed debate and as such would welcome your participation.
    To see the introductory video which explores the topic in more detail, to register to participate, and to see more of our work, please visit”