The historic 2008 election drinking game


Of all the drinking games I have ever proposed [Note to self: Do I have a drinking game problem? Nah, I can quit anytime], the one for election day coverage this year is certainly the most likely to leave you unconscious on the floor for the longest period of time:

Take one shot every time you hear the word “historic.”

This can’t miss no matter who wins.

My main concern is that political junkies watching CNN or MSNBC starting in the morning may not make it out to vote at all. PJs, then, might subsitute in beer — unless you are doing GOTV or poll work, in which case start with Red Bull.

If you can really hold your liquor, add another shot every time somebody says “Bradley Effect” — unless of course they are using the term in a positive fashion, as in “McCain’s victory certainly confirms the Bradley effect.” In that case, finish off your bottle and put yourself out on the spot.

I think I will be live blogging the election from the afternoon on at — more on that tomorrow.

5 Responses to The historic 2008 election drinking game

  1. Ronald says:

    Well, I’ll be to busy driving people to the polls. I voted weeks ago and have already driven 5 people to the polls to vote early. I’ve maybe talked to about 100- 200 people into voting (some who wouldn’t have?)after about 5 000? attempted phone calls, most NH’s (not homes) and BZ’s (buzy) over the last 2 months.

    Some of it is about the ground game.

  2. paulm says:

    Historic, Historic, Historic!

  3. llewelly says:

    fivethirthyeight has been projecting a 90+ % chance of an Obama victory for at least two straight weeks – probably more.
    But their Senate seats held forecast has been at 57 for a week, and was between 54 and 59 for about the previous two weeks.
    (a) I don’t think we can count on every Senate Democrat to vote in favor of an agressive AGW-slowing bill.
    (b) I do think the Republicans Senators will be able to muster a larger portion of their people to vote against an aggressive AGW-slowing bill.
    (c) I do think the Republicans may filibuster an aggressive AGW-slowing bill.

    As far as AGW is concerned, an Obama victory is not enough. Those of us who live in red states – how could we go about changing the minds of senators like Orrin Hatch? I can’t imagine it.

  4. TomG says:

    I’m Canuck so I can’t help you out with a vote and I don’t play drinking games anymore (I won too often…which means I lost the next day).
    However, I am a member of good standing at the local Hooters and I am more than willing to celebrate Obama’s victory with a pint of good Canadian beer!
    Um…when do your polls close? I might have to start early….

  5. I’m not a big fan of drinking games–I don’t need anybody to TELL me to finish my drink, thankyouvermuch.

    Instead, I’ll be playing Election Night Bingo–you can download the cards here: