Correction: Schwarzenegger requires 33% renewables by 2020


The first rule of journalism: Do NOT talk about journalism.

No, that isn’t it. The first rule of journalism is “If your mother says she loves you, check it out,” which is to say never rely on any non-primary sources, especially other journalists. So this recent post — Schwarzenegger mandates 33% renewables by 2030 — isn’t right because this story isn’t.

Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order is here, and it clearly states:

That the following Renewable Portfolio Standard target is hereby established for California: All retail sellers of electricity shall serve 33 percent of their load with renewable energy by 2020. State government agencies are hereby directed to take all appropriate actions to implement this target in all regulatory proceedings, including siting, permitting, and procurement for renewable energy power plants and transmission lines.

The rest of the Order is worth reading because of all the details on how the state will expedite renewable energy siting.

The motto for many journalists was once “accuracy terseness accuracy.” Online, it is “inaccuracy, snarkiness, inaccuracy.” My apologies, and thanks to Ken Johnson at Grist for flagging this

And for those who say bloggers aren’t journalists, all I can say is, first, my father was an old-school newspaper editor for 30 years, so I try to uphold his principles, and second, what the heck is a “log” if not a “journal”? — heck you can find them on the same page and most thesauruses!

6 Responses to Correction: Schwarzenegger requires 33% renewables by 2020

  1. Albert says:

    That’s 10 years cooler than the original story! Literally.

  2. Dill Weed says:

    Captian’s log. Whoooosh!!


    Dill Weed

  3. simp says:

    cool, that’s only 12 years from now.

  4. hapa says:

    joe, in case you missed it (or because i missed you not missing it), arnold also ordered a big adaptation component for state planning.

    [JR: Didn’t miss it, just didn’t get excited about the inevitable.]

  5. hapa says:

    …some would say mitigation of outrageous adaptation costs is also inevitable…

  6. Cyril R. says:

    That’s ambitious. Can they do it?