Everybody Knows a Teacher! Help Engage the Nation on February 5th

A guest post by Eban Goodstein, Professor of Economics at Lewis & Clark College and Project Director of the National Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions.

teach1.jpgOne thing you can do to stop global warming right now is tell a teacher–a friend, your kid’s teacher, a cousin, or a colleague–about The National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions, set for Thursday, February 5th.

With the election over, it is tempting to assume that the hard work is done. But the same coalition that has stifled progress to date–the fossil fuel industry, along with “government is the problem” politicians–are still in Washington, still fighting to preserve the “business as usual” that unchecked, is on track to destroy half the life on the planet. The only thing powerful enough to overcome DC gridlock is a mobilized American public–so get moving, and tell a teacher (or a leader at your church, synagogue or mosque) to join the Teach-In!

This Wednesday, 12/03 you can join Stanford climate scientist Dr. Stephen Schneider on our teach-in organizing call, at noon EST. Steve will update us on the scientific backdrop facing the new President in the first 100 days.

Call in number is 1-218-486-8700, passcode 020509.

Participation in the teach-in is easy:

  • End your teach-in in a round-table dialogue with decision-makers: inviting Governors, mayors, and city-councilors to sit down with young people for face-to-face conversation about solutions.>Let us know, and we will also invite your federal representatives to engage with your teach-in via video dialogues that we are setting up in the capitol on February 5th.

Already, more than 400 colleges, universities, high schools and K-8 schools around the country (also churches, synagogues, mosques, libraries, civic organizations and businesses) have signed on to participate. At a critical moment at the beginning of the new administration, help mobilize thousands of institutions and millions of Americans, and on this one day, raise global warming solutions to the top of the nation’s agenda.

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3 Responses to Everybody Knows a Teacher! Help Engage the Nation on February 5th

  1. Karen N. says:

    Just a heads-up that this year, there are not just one, but *two* national organizations hosting teach-ins. “Focus the Nation” also is organizing, but for a later date: April 18th, and with a somewhat different emphasis. Check them out at

  2. Focus the Nation’s work is actually a little different this year. They did a national teach-in last year when their director was Eban Goodstein (author of this post and now director of the National Teach In). This year Focus the Nation is holding a national town hall meeting in every congressional district. You can find a schedule for climate events during the first 100 days of the new presidency and congress (including Focus the Nation april 18, the National Teach-In feb 5, and many others), here.


  3. Laura Case says:

    i am from the great lake state of michigan, and what i learned in school was that the great lakes were formed from glaciers. ENOUGH SAID ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! take your arguement elsewhere, and stop trying to brainwash the youth of this world.