Do you Digg Climate Progress?

pamela.jpgIf you dig ClimateProgress and would like more people to see it, Digg some posts you like (click here). The most popular stories rise to the top of the Digg page where millions of viewers will see them, becoming informed on global warming and ultimately saving the planet from general destruction.

I’m mainly asking you just to Digg posts that have already gained some traction. And the best time to start is now! I have another post rising up on Digg (see “Very warm 2008 makes this the hottest decade in recorded history by far*“).

One does need a lot of Diggs to get noticed on, say, their environment page, but the hottest decade post is currently near the top there and on the front of their science page. Making the front page of Digg itself is very hard, since you have to compete with the likes of “Pamela Anderson came at art show wearing just her underwear.” Still, climate change is more important than whether Pamela needs a clothes’ change, no?

Climate Progress did make the front page of Digg once, with “The truth-telling ad ABC won’t let you see — and what you can do about it.” It crashed the site, which presumably won’t happen again thanks to my stellar IT folks. But 19,000 people still saw the post.

Once you sign up to Digg, it is incredibly easy to Digg one of my posts — in fact, I eliminated the clutter of all the other buttons at the bottom of my posts since nobody was using them.

The other reason to sign up to Digg is to enjoy all the benefits of that website, such as meeting people with similar interests and finding blog posts like “Top 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars in the United States” and “Academics invent math equation for why people procrastinate.”

Yes, I may sound like NPR during a pledge break, but at least I’m not asking for money.

Hat tip to Greenfyre for getting this latest run started on Digg. Click here to keep the run going.

5 Responses to Do you Digg Climate Progress?

  1. Booger Yanker says:

    I say!

    That’s what’s been missing!

    I vote for more Pamela Anderson.

    Booger Yanker

  2. Doug350 says:

    Q: boxers or briefs
    A: bikini

    The “climate” is REALLY changing!

    (sorry … bad joke … but if the panty prints were 350s it’d be different)

  3. llewelly says:

    Do you have to sign up for digg to digg articles?
    That would be a big problem for me, because I despise digg.

  4. crf says:

    If you don’t care about Digg, it does nothing except make Climate Progress load slower.

    If you use adblockplus for firefox, add a rule to block it.

  5. msn nickleri says:

    Do you have to sign up for digg to digg articles?
    That would be a big problem for me, because I despise digg.