GM’s Lutz: Wagoner is one of “the innocents,” just “the mayor of a city hit by an earthquake”

GM Vice Chair Bob Lutz would be a hard man to like, even if he weren’t a global warming denier (see “GM is full of crocks“). He presumably thinks he and GM Chair Wagoner deserve the credit and the large salaries whenever GM is doing well.

But when the company crashes — that is God’s handiwork. The Washington Post reports:

Singling out Wagoner “is like blaming the mayor of a city hit by an earthquake,” GM Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz said in an interview on business cable network CNBC this morning. Noting the global collapse of demand for new cars and the slowdown in the United States and other major economies, Lutz said that calls for Wagoner’s resignation were “in the category of some sort of sacrifice to the gods,” the reasoning apparently being that “if we punish some of the innocents, things will get better.”

Seriously. Yes, apparently every other car company on the planet is weeks away from declaring bankruptcy.

Maybe the public is right on this one. In the Post‘s poll, 54% oppose the bailout. Wagoner is a career GM man. Let me revise the headline of my earlier post: Dumping Wagoner and Lutz MUST be part of the deal.

5 Responses to GM’s Lutz: Wagoner is one of “the innocents,” just “the mayor of a city hit by an earthquake”

  1. jorleh says:

    Now it is time to go back seventy years and make cars like volkswagen: 20 kW and 50 km per hour. That´s enough for our actions forwads.

  2. llewelly says:

    Uh, we can make highly efficient vehicles with a lot more than 20 kW.
    Modern hybrid tech can easily deliver a 75 kW 4-door that gets 50mpg

  3. Rick says:

    shocking to me that all these car companies are in such bad shape. We’ve been living in times of cheap energy and strong economies – up until this year anyway. They should be able to weather the bad times a little better than this. I mean the streets are full of new cars and yet these companies are broke. It’s not as if we’re in Cuba where all the cars are 40 years old. I’m sure there has never been a time when so many average people have been driving new or almost new cars.

    These companies are just so big and bloated. They need to get lean and mean and quit living in the past. Dumping the head guys is really not enough. Maybe they have to break these companies into little pieces that can live or die on their own merits.

  4. paulm says:

    This is it – once the lawyers get in on it everyone will come round to the fact.

    I guess this could be classified as a mini Pearl Harbor type event.

    Science paves way for climate lawsuits

    People affected by worsening storms, heatwaves and floods could soon be able to sue the oil and power companies they blame for global warming, a leading climate expert has said.
    “We can work out whether climate change has loaded the dice and made extreme weather more likely. And once the risk is doubled, then lawyers get interested,” he said.

  5. t_p_hamilton says:

    Shouldn’t Bob Lutz name been Bob Lulz? :)