Coal Company Buys Penguins Arena Name For 21 Years

ConsolLocal Pittsburgh media is reporting that “Consol Energy Inc. and the Pittsburgh Penguins announced on Monday a 21-year deal for naming rights to the new Pittsburgh multipurpose arena.” Consol, based in Pittsburgh, is the nation’s fifth largest coal producer, and a major practitioner of mountaintop removal mining.

By the time this deal expires, actual penguins may be driven to extinction. The global warming pollution from fossil fuel companies like Consol has wreaked dramatic changes to the penguins’ habitat in the southern hemisphere. Ninety percent of Antarctica’s glaciers are in retreat. The Antarctic ice sheet is losing 36 cubic miles of ice a year. Scientists have found that global warming is threatening the Galapagos, king, emperor, Adelie, and the other thirteen species of penguins on the planet.

But the Pittsburgh Penguins are ebullient. Said Penguins president David Morehouse:

Inside on the ice, on the scoreboard, on the dasher boards, Consol Energy will have a major presence, and they’re going to be a major partner with us going forward.

Unless we halt the unregulated burning of coal immediately, we may doom ourselves to an ice-free planet. And then worrying about the fate of other species will seem like a luxury.

(H/T The Green Agenda)

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