Earth’s leading climate change portal turns 10

Climate Ark turns 10 years oldI use the excellent Climate Ark news feed, so I’m delighted to congratulate them on their tenth anniversary.

Here is their news release:

(Seattle, WA) — The Climate Ark Climate Change Portal at Internet has been campaigning for sufficient climate policies and been a critic of global environmental policy since Al Gore actually had the power to do something about climate change.

To mark the event, Ecological Internet’s President, Dr. Glen Barry, has recommenced writing biocentric, deeply thought provoking and critically acclaimed “Earth Meanders” essays at “There is a real hunger for truthful and ambitious solutions to climate change and the many other global ecological crises that threaten planetary annihilation,” notes Dr. Barry.

“After much urging and a bit of a break, I am back meandering freely regarding the failure of the environmental movement and espousing a biocentric and sufficient environmental paradigm. I am going to continue speaking shrilly and forcefully regarding necessary actions to achieve global ecological sustainability. And this time it will be as a project of Ecological Internet. Expect more challenging ecological free thinking, remembering they are essays primarily meant to spur discussion.”

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