A Farewell Salute from Tom Tomorrow


While I’m on this topic….

2 Responses to A Farewell Salute from Tom Tomorrow

  1. In Loving Memory says:

    Find all the old shoes in your house and mail them to Crawford.

  2. Dan B says:

    Put on your old shoes. Go for a walk.

    Tell everyone you wouldn’t throw your shoes at anyone.

    Not even W.

    The extremist right won’t believe you – even in Manitoba or Minnesota tomorrow – cold…

    Conservatives will be shocked because they felt W didn’t deserve the affront to his honor.

    Libruls will react in many ways. Some will ask a question or two, others will walk a wide distance around you, others will take a moment and engage.

    Librul pragmatists who believe in conserving the world will understand that the old shoes are working well enough. They’re content imagining what it would have been like to have made contact with someone who has never been seriously contacted by the real world, except for the last two years of his presidency.

    His father and mother are still shouting in his ears – failure.

    Now it’s time for us to take the chance.

    Bless us all. Our new president called us to join him and his family. He took the chance of realizing his dream.

    Take the chance. Sasha, Melia, and all children need all of us now.