Be part of national teach-in on global warming solutions: Learn more with Ed Markey Wednesday

ntiposter.jpgA guest post by Eban Goodstein, Professor of Economics at Lewis & Clark College and Project Director of the National Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions following up on his earlier post.

The National Teach-In On Global Warming Solutions is one week away. Close to 700 colleges, universities, high schools, faith organizations and civic groups are participating. Help us get that number to 1000 by next week! It is not too late to sign up and show the free webcast, The First 100 Days–featuring David Orr, Hunter Lovins, Ray Anderson and others– at your faith organization, high school, college or university.

You can learn more on our organizing call this Wednesday at noon eastern:

We are honored that a true climate champion Congressman Ed Markey will join us to give a quick update on what we all have to do in the next year to make action on global warming a reality. Call in number is 1-218-486-8700, passcode 020509.

We are fighting a persistent and effective disinformation campaign by the fossil fuel industry and anti-science zealots. Incredibly, the NYT reports that more Americans now believe that global warming is caused by natural cycles (44%) then human-causes (41%).

As educators, students and citizens at this moment we have a tremendous responsibility to tell the truth. I sometimes get e-mails accusing me of being an “advocate” not an “educator”. Here is what I said about this last week in an article in Inside Higher Ed:

“Last year I addressed several thousand young climate leaders in Washington D.C…. These are impressive young people, among the best and the brightest, the most sophisticated and capable, that America has ever produced. Our primary job as educators now is to help them become — very quickly — the leaders that they must be.”

“None of us asked for this. And yet, here we are, over the next few years, demanded to show of what grace and intelligence the human species is capable. With the support of educators focused on this mission, today’s young people can carry us towards a stable climate, and a just and sustainable future.”

Watch for final details on the Teach-In later this week–our launch webcast will be available for previewing January 30th; video dialogues with Congress are on-track. Visit our website to sign-up, and find logos, posters, and educational materials for the Teach-In. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Remember that we have one important request of everyone participating. Please create a short “Video Letter” to congress, documenting your teach-in. In a couple of minutes, tell your congressperson and US Senators what you discussed on your campus or in your faith group, then post it to you-tube with a “National Teach-In” tag. After the teach-in, we will contact their offices with a link to your video! The video letters create a critical way to let decision-makers know what is happening back in their district. We can make a huge national impact–including attracting media coverage– by sending hundreds of video letters about our teach-in’s directly to Congress. And it is easy to do. Watch the sample video here, with more details here.

The National Teach-In is promoting a serious country-wide discussion of the policy agenda developed by The Presidential Climate Action Project–which among other recommendations, is calling for a 40% reduction in global warming pollution from current levels. Help us engage your community in this debate.

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    Interesting solution….Recharging the Grid with Electric Cars