I promised Id only do this once a year

My daughter Antonia (aka “Tua”) is two years old today:

Yes, last year I said “Only one baby photo per year,” and then she made my list of The top 10 things to give thanks for. But this is a video, which strangely enough the Congressional Budget Office does not score as a baby photo. Go figure!

Tua, as she calls herself, has a fondness for adverbs. She leap-frogged over “no” and went directly to “never.” Currently, her favorite word is “just” as in “Can she just watch some videos? For a second?”

She knows most of the lyrics to Waltzing Matilda now, and may be the only US toddler who can tell you that “a billabong is a pool of deep water.” Australian Jeopardy — here we come.

In the spirit of 25 random things about Tua, I will add that she plays the chase game “I’m gonna get you” by running toward you, and she plays hide and seek by ‘hiding’ on the other side of a transparent glass door.

I wonder a lot about what the world will be like when she’s my age, which is one of the things that keeps me blogging. I hope to get her blogging by, say, age 5, unless you all think that’s too soon. She already seems to have a lot to say.

14 Responses to I promised Id only do this once a year

  1. Tamara Griesel says:

    Looking at my own two (an eight year old son and a three year old daughter) fills my heart too with aching joy and fear for their futures.

    Good luck with the blogging. I’m still working on the eight year old. He’s always very interested in starting his own blog, just “not right now, I’m busy.”


  2. Congratulations! She’s adorable!

    And now I know why you’re so tireless and prolific.

  3. paulm says:

    Is she helping you with these blogs?

    [JR: She keeps me sane — or what passes for it.]

  4. Philip says:

    Awwww, so nice. Must be so cute to see her ‘hiding’ behind transparent glass.

  5. David B. Benson says:

    Happy birthday, Tua.

  6. Happy birthday, Tua! And thank you for giving us the perfect, succinct answer in case James Inhofe and his crowd ever ask if we’d like their help gutting the next climate treaty:


    Joe, you have the best inspiration in the world to keep blogging and researching and stirring things up. Maybe not by age five, but she’ll be carrying (her share of) the torch before you know it.


  7. Gail says:

    Sweet! I certainly appreciate your fantastic blog and I’m glad to see you have a lovely family.

  8. Page van der Linden says:

    Hi Joe!

    She is one beautiful little girl. You are, indeed, a lucky guy :-)

  9. Lou Grinzo says:

    Hmm. Sounds like Tua and her “never” are taking after her dad’s rhetorical forcefulness. (Just kiddin’, Joe. Although, whoever first said that what goes around, comes around, was a parent, or perhaps a gloating grandparent.)

    I often point out online and in presentations that the children of the world are ALL our kids, whether they share our DNA or not. So Tua is part mine, my three nieces whom I love dearly are part Joe’s, my nephew’s insanely cute sons are partly the responsibility of everyone reading this, and so one.

    We can make up all the stupid, shallow excuses we want about why we can’t or shouldn’t do something about our growing energy and environmental crises, but it’s just a pack of lies and a pathetic attempt to run away from our responsibilities. We’re better than that, and we must, can, and will do better than that.

    Joe, next time you give Tua a hug, make sure to give her a little extra squeeze from all her virtual aunts and uncles out here, OK?

  10. cait says:

    Happy birthday Tua!

    I don’t want to sound like a record repeating but my kids are 2 and 5. They fill my heart with intense joy and a feeling of gnawing fear* (and that’s not just for their teenage years ;)

    *I really have to stop reading “Climate Progress”. I think that would help ;)

  11. RuthB says:

    Happy Birthday! :D

    I’ll join all the rest here and say that she is adorable! and with me as well, my soon-to-be-two niece is one of the things that on the one hand keep me going, but on the other, fills me with dread when I try to envision the world she’ll grow up in (btw, she had a gmail account before she was even born, so I think Tua can start blogging at 5 :) )

  12. Rick C says:

    She’s cute joe. It reminds me of my son when he was that age. He doesn’t talk that much though. He has autism.

    When I see those photos it only motivates me more to fight with the limited means at my disposal to reduce the energy I use, and thus CO2 emssions, and to advocate for green technology and employ that technology in my own life.

  13. Neven says:

    I want to congratulate you on your daughter’s second birthday, but at the same time allow me to say that this short movie is an example of what I referred to in my comment on the ‘will humanity be destroyed’ article, i.e. the cause of all major global problems, from financial bubbles to climate change, and from environmental degradation to peak oil: The way the need for economic growth is embedded in Western culture that it has become invisible for almost everybody. That is the real problem and its invisibility makes it practically insolvable. It’s the subtlest Tragedy of Commons one can imagine.

    Please don’t be insulted by what I’m implying. I’m still working this out as it’s pretty hard to put into words. I promise I’ll get back on this as I really like this blog and come here almost on a daily basis. I really like it but I feel it will have to dig deeper if it wants to start addressing the real problem (like George Mobus’s questioneverything blog does).

  14. jcwinnie says:

    & the curmudgeon goes, “Awwww”