Powershift 2009 and civil disobedience at DC coal plant

A guest post by Eban Goodstein, Professor of Economics at Lewis & Clark College and Project Director of the National Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions following up on his earlier post.

We wanted to remind people about upcoming grassroots actions in Washington DC. Powershift 2009 will bring 10,000 young people to the capitol for two days of training and the biggest youth lobbying day in history beginning February 27.

Then on March 2, Bill McKibben and Wendell Berry have called for a large scale civil disobedience action at the coal plant inside DC that powers the capitol building–some 2,000 people are expected to risk arrest there (see McKibben and Berry call for civil disobedience at DC coal plant: “Bear witness to an evil”).

If you missed the Teach in, get some friends together to watch the webcast for the National Teach-In: Solutions for the First 100 Days. Featuring David Orr, Hunter Lovins, and youth climate activists Billy Parish, Wahleah Johns and Jesse Tolkan, it is guaranteed to make you go out and buy your bus ticket.

6 Responses to Powershift 2009 and civil disobedience at DC coal plant

  1. Jeff Green says:

    How fast to move on an issue. Hopefully we get the cooperation of businesses and American population that we could get 60 to 80% agreeing and then use punitive measures on the rest.

    Lincoln abhorring slavery moved slowly with the north because they weren’t ready to deal with it. Getting the american public and businesses on board is vital to the performance of co2 reduction.

    We have the bully pulpit now and need to use it wisely

  2. paulm says:

    2008 year most of us realized crisis climate change was here.

    2009 ….

    2009 Will Be a Year of Panic
    …a delusion that lasts for decades is not a delusion. It’s an institution. And these, our institutions, are what now fail us. People no longer know what they value. They don’t know what to believe.

  3. David B. Benson says:

    Off-topic, but here is an idea for carbon capture to keep in mind:

  4. Gail says:

    I’m planning to go from NJ. Anyone want to carpool with me?

  5. Nancy says:

    I’ll be coming down from Massachusetts. I’ll look for Gail, and Joe, too!

  6. Will Greene says:

    Anyone going from Arizona?