Wonk Room Report: The Washington Post Should Correct George Will’s Column

George F. WillA new report from the Center for American Progress Action Fund challenges the Washington Post to correct George F. Will’s error-filled “Dark Green Doomsayers” column, published February 15th. “Matter of Fact” describes how Will has challenged the scientific basis of man-made global warming for years in his columns for The Washington Post, nationally distributed by the Washington Post Editors Group. These columns have been cited for errors in years past. The most recent is no exception.

The report explains how George Will’s “Dark Green Doomsayers” makes significant errors in depicting sea ice as a measure of global warming, the past decade of global warming, and the history of predictions of “global cooling.”

Download “Matter of Fact: The Washington Post Should Correct George Will’s ‘Dark Green Doomsayers’ Column” from the Wonk Room Resource Library.


Media Matters lets readers demand a correction.

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