Apology to John Sopko

This is a correction to a previous story.

On Friday, CP’s Sean Pool wrote a post, “More small battles won in war on coal — but trouble looms behind enemy lines.” It contained this erroneous paragraph:

Second, to sharpen its tactics and shore up its flanks, the ACCCE has also brought on board a potentially dangerous and well-connected new general of federal affairs to strengthen the ACCCE’s invasion of Washington. A Former officer in the Bush DOE and at the American Petroleum Institute, John Sopko has worked as a top staffer in two out of three branches of government, and was also spotted in The Hill Newspaper’s 2007 list of top lobbyists. His connections as well as his credentials as a former nuclear engineer could spell trouble for the agendas of the reality coalition and its allies.

That should have read “Paul Bailey” not “John Sopko” (also the biographical data is a mistaken conflation of those two people).

As you can see from the link to the Politico, Sean mistakenly conflated two consecutive stories, one about Sopko, with one about Bailey.

Such a mistake is inexcusable, and I offer my sincerest apology to John Sopko.

The original post will be fixed.

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