Who will win the battle for the soul of the GOP — Rush Limbaugh or their climate-wise governors?

Okay, that wasn’t a very tough question:

See also “Hill conservatives reject all 3 climate strategies and embrace Rush Limbaugh.”

8 Responses to Who will win the battle for the soul of the GOP — Rush Limbaugh or their climate-wise governors?

  1. paulm says:

    You have to hope that it is the just the conservative leadership that is hoodwinked by the core deniers.

  2. Wes Rolley says:

    We are so good at talking to ourselves that we do not often test our own perceptions. I know that one family on my street gets their politics from Limbaugh and their science from Michael Savage.

    Maybe it is ingrained as part of the American Psyche that we see the outsider as hero, the lone individual standing up for truth in the face of political chicanery. I would not be surprised to see a new Richard Pombo portrayed as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    This factor is so insidious that I have seen a recommendation of Lawrence Soloman’s The Deniers on a Green Party national email list, and for the reasons stated.

    Do not ever doubt that this issue is so politicized that the grassroots of the Republican Party are fully in accordance with Limbaugh, Savage and consider Inhofe / Morano / Rohrabacher as whistle-blowing truth tellers.

    Wes Rolley – CoChair EcoAction Committee, Green Party US

  3. CTF says:

    Is it really too much to hope that some side with the Governors?

  4. David B. Benson says:

    I fear the conservative stagnation is in an unrecoverable tail-spin.

  5. GWB says:

    I think Vladimir Putin will win the battle for the soul of the republican party.

  6. Will Greene says:

    Seriously, I would vote for Arnold for president (he is probably one of three Republicans I could say that about). Too bad he can’t legally run.

  7. BrooksB says:

    I keep wondering if it wouldn’t be more effective if all non-fans totally ignored him.

    Each response or discussion gives him more credibility – including, of course, any publicizing of the idea of ignoring him. Love those Catch-22’s.

  8. Col says:

    I agree with BrooksB. Ignore people. Fight ideas.