Even Toles goes after George Will

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Is there anyone left at the Post who backs Will, other than Fred Hiatt (see “Washington Post reporters take unprecedented step of contradicting columnist George Will in a news article“).

3 Responses to Even Toles goes after George Will

  1. George Will spins the web of his own demise. Irrelevancy.

    Now we must decide whether this is entertaining, or a waste of time.

    Joe, perhaps you should invite him to post a response here … That would be a fun read.

  2. Anne says:

    George Will should retract his offending column and offer an apology to the IPCC, scientists working in the arctic and antarctic regions, and society in general. Then he should just GO AWAY.

  3. Bob Wallace says:

    I’ve never read many of Will’s pieces. But based on what I have read from him and about him leaves me with the impression is that he is someone who really wants to be viewed as “correct”.

    I can understand his first blog in which he wrote about something outside his realm of knowledge and got it wrong. I can sort of understand his second faulty piece as a small tantrum, possibly spurred on by people around him who have not kept up with the science.

    But to write another foolish article?

    This is someone who must have a staff of more than one. Or could at least grab some assistance from the paper in a hurry.

    Why did he not get someone to read his draft and research the parts which would leave him open to attack and ridicule?