The Onion on “Carbon Footprint Reduction Services” aka rip-offsets

There are numerous services that allow you to pay into a fund offset your carbon footprint. But how does it actually work?”  [Click to enlarge.]

Carbon Footprint

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11 Responses to The Onion on “Carbon Footprint Reduction Services” aka rip-offsets

  1. The Onion has consistently great insights:

    Climatologists Secure Funding To Breed Glaciers In Captivity

    Also predicts massive hurriphoonado weather event:

  2. paulm says:

    Solar power dosn’t have to be sustainable!

    Desert clash in West over solar potential, water

    [JR: I already replied to someone who posted this. In the (very near) future, everything will use air cooling — and not just for solar but for nukes and coal. Everybody is going to have to take the efficiency hit because of climate change and growing fresh water scarcity.]

  3. Sasparilla says:

    Absolutely classic graphic…I love that part where they determine the right tree to absorb your emissions…and the drinking straw factory.

    Nice chuckle, thanks for posting it. Going to save it.

  4. ecostew says:

    Joe, air cooling should be pursued when possible, but it doesn’t provide the efficiency needed in some cases.

    [JR: It is inevitable for all major power plants that need cooling.]

  5. ecostew says:

    For power plants at a higher elevation, etc.?

  6. ecostew says:

    My understanding is that at higher elevations and air temperatures air cooling causes the power plant of operate less efficiently and increases the plant’s carbon footprint.

    [JR: Air cooling is inherently less efficient. But especially in the sunny, arid regions where CSP operates best, we simply lack the water today and even more so in the future to justify anything else. Reality is what it is.]

  7. ecostew says:

    If you look at LCA (including carbon footprints). you come out ahead taking a small fraction of water out of irrigated ag, which is 70% plus in terms of water consumption in states like NM and AZ, where you have higher elevations and temperatures and make power generation more efficient.

  8. Why aren’t you talking about the 100% Cap and Dividend Act of 2009, Van Hollen’s bill coming out of the Ways and Means Committee? It has a 100% auction to first sellers of fossil fuels, no offsets, and 100% dividend to all Americans with a social security number.
    While the 100% dividend to all Americans is pretty extreme, not skewing to the low and middle income or leaving any revenues to r&d etc., it certainly is an answer to the Republican “Energy Tax” talking point.