Get your coal ringtones!


The dirty coal folks are still trying to prove they can be as musical as a Coal Miner’s Daughter.  The clean coal carolers got sent home (see “You won’t believe your ears: Frosty the Coalman, Clean Coal Night, Deck the Halls with Clean Coal).  Now they are trying again.  This post was first published by Think Progress.

The coal industry has taken incredible pains to make coal seem “clean,” “affordable,” and even “adorable.” In December, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity notoriously launched a campaign featuring animated lumps of coal singing Christmas carols.  Now, the West Virginia Coal Association has posted six “Coal is West Virginia Ringtones.” Among the tunes are the “New Orleans Mix,” “Male Voice Choir (Up Tempo Mix),” and “Gospel Mix.” A sampling of the lyrics:

Coal is West Virginia,
Coal is me and you.
Coal is West Virginia,
We’ve got a job to do.
Coal is energy,
Coal is energy,
We need energy!

Loretta Lynn, it ain’t.

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