Let’s Go for Option One…

Let's Go for Option One...

By Alex Hallatt
From the Cartoonist Group (click to enlarge)

5 Responses to Let’s Go for Option One…

  1. Doug350 says:

    hmm … 3,000,000,000 cappuccinos … that’s only a 1-day supply for all of humanity … 350,000,000,000 four-month supply would be more symbolic :)

    and … for those who cannot afford cappuccino, let them drink espresso :(

  2. dhogaza says:

    There are no penguins in the arctic, I’m afraid … I guess they’re just being altruistic, saving the polar bears!

  3. Greg Robie says:

    Playing around with the math, 3 billion theoretically could cover about 13 – 14 million square kilometers of Arctic ocean so the idea has possibilities. One source I found identified a supply problem. Apparently we only throw away 25 million of these cups a year. This means there will need to be a push to go back to all food containers being made of styrofoam.

    dhogaza, great point on the penguins, however, retiring baby boomers could be required to put on tuxedoes and make annual pilgrimages to the Arctic as penance for living so unsustainably. Instead of teaching our parents, we became like them creating another hell, one with high water! ;)

    Since the Arctic flushes all its ice every seven years, the same is likely for the food packaging we’ll be transporting, so we can do this till we die. We tend to be obese, the exercise will do us good, It might keep us from doing the unsustainable things we might otherwise do in our old age. The trek would probably kill quite a few of us, and this would help save social security. The younger generations that is doing house sharing now could house sit while we are on pilgrimage and get a vacation for the joys of living in community.

    Looking at the shipping weight of new cups, 4500 tons will need to be carted north. Given our numbers (we peaked at 79 million in 1999) the weight of the styrofoam each of us would have to carry will likely never exceed a pound (probably as little as .2 lb. to start with). Since styrofoam can last up to 2000 years, when not on pilgrimage we can gather the stuff from the oceans edge and recycle it again and again. With peak oil arrived, and this stuff being an oil-based product, this will help. With that rising sea level we also won’t have to walk as far with each passing year to do that cleanup.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Too much pastic in the oceans as it is.

    The stuff never goes away, just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces.

    Soon you’ll be eating plastic stuffed fish from the oceans.

    Kid you not. :-(