Rep. Broun receives applause on the House floor for calling global warming a ˜hoax

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During the floor debate this morning over the historic American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) received a round of applause from GOP colleagues when he claimed that man-made global warming is a “hoax” with “no scientific consensus.” Broun, citing misleading statistics, also claimed that the bill would hurt the poor and “kill jobs:”

BROUN: Scientists all over this world say that the idea of human induced global climate change is one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated out of the scientific community. It is a hoax. There is no scientific consensus. “¦ And who’s going to be hurt most [by ACES] the poor, the people on limited income”¦the people who can least afford to have their energy taxes raised by MIT says $3100 per family. “¦ This bill must be defeated. We need to be good stewards of our environment, but this is not it, it’s a hoax! “¦ [APPLAUSE.]

Watch it:

Broun’s tired hoax claims aside, Broun’s $3,100 talking point is contradicted by the Congressional Budget Office, which found that that the average cost of the legislation would be only 48-cents a day, the price of a postage stamp, and that “households in the lowest income quintile would see an average net benefit of about $40 in 2020.” A report by the Center for American Progress and the University of Massachusetts also found that the bill would create 1.7 million new jobs, including 59,000 new jobs in Broun’s homestate of Georgia.

Ben Bergmann

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  1. Doug says:

    Joe — Thom Hartmann, a pretty strong progressive voice on talk radio, is saying things like “This bill will probably benefit Wall Street more than anything else”. It would probably be a really good idea if you could get on his show and try to set him straight.

  2. ZS says:

    I thought I was testing my patience by sifting through the Watt’s Up With That? comments a week ago, but watching this debate on C-SPAN is absolutely tearing my stomach up.

  3. paulm says:

    Bizarre. What do these people eat?

  4. David Freeman says:

    Good post but please correct the “1.7 billion new jobs” to be 1.7 million.

    After all these years I am still amazed by the right wings willingness to just flat out lie. Seems like quite a few so called moderate dems aren’t much better.

  5. Scientists the world over say that the idea that the world is round is a hoax! The world is really flat. [applause from Republicans]

  6. Chris Winter says:

    “What do these people eat?”

    I hope and believe they’ll soon be sitting down to a meal of crow.

  7. Aaron says:

    He acts like he’s worried about the increased taxes on the poor. When has the GOP ever cared for what happens to low income families? So much of this country has their heads up their you know what when it comes to science. Especially global climate change related science

  8. Jim Beacon says:

    And Broun is from a district only a little northeast of the city of Alanta — where last year they had record-breaking heat and unprecedent low levels in their water resevoirs, leading to water-rationing, a bitter fight with states downstream from Altanta and near panic in some parts of the city.

    Look, we have a procedure for removing a President from active duty if his words and actions make it clear that he has become mentally unstable. Can’t we apply the same concept to some of these Congress Critters? They are obviously insane (probably from too much heat from the human-induced global warming they don’t believe exists).

    Seriously. Should obviously mentally unstable members of Congress still be allowed to participate in floor votes? By law we don’t allow insane people to do other things in our society that are far less important.

  9. Bob Wright says:

    Does Sensenbrenner have a point about the potential purchasing of offsets abroad inflating our already unsustainable trade deficit?

  10. ZS says:

    Should obviously mentally unstable members of Congress still be allowed to participate in floor votes? By law we don’t allow insane people to do other things in our society that are far less important.

    The GOP’s inane arguments can irritate fencesitters too, not just climate advocates.

    Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) just announced that he is changing his vote to a “yes” on ACES, not so much because of the arguments of democrats, but because of the ridiculous arguments of the “flat earth society and denialists”.

  11. Yuebing says:

    The flat earthers keep bringing up how “bad our economy is”.

    Can they really be pretending that it is not their policies which got us here? Their “decider in cheif” driving us down the dead end road of expensive non renewables? The road that lead to the hemorrage of American wealth called “Iraq”?


  12. MarkB says:

    Grist has a good link which gives updates on fence sitters. Those Democrats listed as likely NO votes are predictably commiting their opposition. Fence sitters are starting to come out mainly YES, but only a handful have committed. There seems to be way too many “undecideds” at this point. Maybe some are waiting to see if the bill will pass so they can “safely” vote NO to appease their narrow base of constituents.

  13. MarkB says:

    “Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) just announced that he is changing his vote to a “yes” on ACES, not so much because of the arguments of democrats, but because of the ridiculous arguments of the “flat earth society and denialists”

    I’d love to get a full quote on that. Seems like that would be a keeper.

  14. Greg Robie says:

    Joe, (I just miss-posted this comment on another entry) may I again commend Drew Westen of Emory University and his work on motivated reasoning as a scientific approach to the dynamics being discussed here (the incredulity over the apparent trust in pseudo-science). Maybe he could address this in a guest blog.

    PS: I just heard the “postage stamp” cost quoted, if unfavorably, you have been heard—or at least read. And I am pretty not sure this is not a consolation.

  15. Bless the Internet and YouTube – future historians, and victims and voters will see this, remember his name and demand retribution. Either not very bright, or very short sighted.

  16. Andy says:

    I’ve never witnessed such idiocy as in watching the floor debate on ACES. I find it both mind boggling and nauseating that we have either such mindless asses who actually believe some of the misinformation they spew, or who are so controlled by lobbyists that they are willing to sacrifice the health and safety of our planet. You would think this would be a no-brainer for even the simplest of minds. Not ONCE did I hear a mention of an alternative solution to ACES or of the consequences of inaction on global warming. I think there should have been plasma screens behind the speaker with a continual slide show depicting areas of the world suffering climate caused catastrophes and what the future holds on our current path.

  17. ZS says:

    I’d love to get a full quote on that. Seems like that would be a keeper.

    Not a full quote, but at least something that can be cited:

    “Doggett just took to the House floor to announce that he’s now supporting the bill. The reason? He was tired, he said, of listening to the members of “the flat earth society” across the aisle making “inane” arguments.”

  18. Rick Covert says:

    This off the press. Republican congressman denounces climate bill on the house floor. Says it will hurt the poor.

    You see Virginia there is a Santa Clause. ;)

  19. MarkB says:

    Boehner is up there shaking some big fancy color chart about “Pelosi’s Energy Tax” so furiously that no one can read the rest of it. Perhaps that’s the idea.

  20. Chris Winter says:

    He is leafing through the 300-page addition, reading and discussing selected excerpts. I think the idea is to use up time, as Rep. Waxman suggested. Some people might have to leave the chamber, and hence would miss the vote. House custom apparently grants the minority leader unlimited time at the close of a debate. We’ll see how this works out.

  21. Raleigh Latham says:

    dammit, I’m in New Zealand, I wish I could watch this, it sounds absolutely insane what those Republican’s are spewing on the House Floor. My god I wish this passes.

  22. Chris Winter says:

    Yes, it’s pretty wild. Many of Boehner’s objections are trivial. (“Vintage? Are we talking about wine?”) To the extent he has a plan, he seems to be focused on funding commitments. In effect, he’s attacking the provisions that would alleviate economic burdens resulting from the bill’s enactment — the very burdens that his party has spent the day blasting the bill for imposing.

    His party is intellectually bankrupt.

  23. Rick Covert says:

    That applause is an absolute killer. It couldn’t have been louder it if was the sound of one hand clapping.

  24. Chris Winter says:

    It’s not equivalent to watching, but liveblogging of the debate is going on at DailyKos. Google to find it. If I post the link, my post will be in moderation.

    And now the vote begins.

  25. Yuebing says:

    Latham, from the country that turned down the opportunity to eliminate all strategic nuclear weapons , we are (not) proud to present Representative Boehner!

  26. Chris Winter says:

    First vote is on the Forbes amendment — a Republican substitute which AIUI (as I understand it) amounts to BAU (business as usual.) The vote looks like 196 aye, 222 nay.

  27. Chris Winter says:

    Five minutes of the 15-minute vote remaining, the tallies are 209 yea, 200 nay. A win looks almost certain.

  28. Chris Winter says:

    The bill passes!

    Final tallies: Yea Nea
    Democrats 211 44
    Republicans 8 168
    Totals 219 212

  29. James Newberry says:

    GOP stands for Global Oil Party. They are fossils, as well as fools.

  30. Mossy says:

    Whereas I am delighted to hear this news, I am fearful of the fight ahead in the Senate and further weakening of the bill.

    I would like to propose a new standard, maybe achieved by an executive order by the President, that all Congressman must complete a course in basic science. After all, professionals must keep updated and abreast of new developments. Most Congressman are not conversant in science, and science has advanced quite a bit in the past several centuries. How can we allow them to vote on scientific issues that they do not understand?

    Climate change, and facts of science are not “beliefs.” They exist outside
    of what we humans think, unlike art, religion, emotion and the spiritworld.

  31. Mossy – it is not science education… many in Congress surely have that already.

    It’s ethics, They are serving big industry lobbyists that fund the fooling of their ignorant constituents. They represent the present, not the future.

    But beyond ethics, it boggles the mind that they are so eager to poison their own names in the future. One would think they would just SUSPECT that it will get much worse and they will be blamed. Not very smart.

    BTW your site is nice

  32. David B. Benson says:

    Breathtaking ignorance.

    Maybe stupid as well.

    GOP === Gone Off Pedigree

  33. PurpleOzone says:

    Broun wasn’t the worst — I didn’t catch the name of the Congressman who said (from my memory of a radio broadcast caught while driving)
    –he had to speak out, because it’s a lie that scientists agree on AGW, one Swedish scientist, published 512 papers dissenting on rising sea level, Willie Soon …, 32,000 scientists with PhD’s and master’s dissent —
    He sounded like his believed his speech, and he didn’t say who wrote it for him. Could have been Marc Morano.