Senate hearing on climate bill on C-SPAN at 10 today

And that means you can watch it online here.

Full Environment and Public Works Committee hearing entitled, “Moving America toward a Clean Energy Economy and Reducing Global Warming Pollution: Legislative Tools.”  Details here.

2 Responses to Senate hearing on climate bill on C-SPAN at 10 today

  1. Peter Wood says:

    Republicans say yes to silly billboards in the committee room

  2. Rick Covert says:

    I saw Barbour today during the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works complaining, among other things, that the ACES bill is too weak! Watching Inhofe and Barbour there was like watching Al Capone and Frank Nitti crime control and prevention. Here’s the actual translation. The bill is so weak thanks to successful efforts of my corporate benefactors who paid my salary and I actively lobbied for that I cannot support this bill.

    When Senator Inhofe started questioning Barbour it was like a regular Kukla Fran and Olie show complete with staged testimony, cues and the ever popular nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

    There is one thing he mentioned though that I have to question. During Inhofe’s questioning the subject of unemployment benefits came up. Barbour made the statement that there was 3 Billion or 300 million, I don’t remember the correct number, of unemployment benefits in the W-M bill. Barbour stated that he thought this was disconcerting in a bill the he termed, “…was supposed to be a jobs bill.” So what’s the real truth there on this unemployment insurance?