Drudge advertises “conservative humor” T-shirt: “I’d rather be waterboarding.”

One of the revolving ads at the top of the homepage of one of the leading purveyors of disinformation on global warming, the Drudge Report:

Self-described conservative “humor” — with a lengthy definition of “humor” at the top of the t-shirt website just in case for some reason you didn’t get that this was humorous!

Seriously, torturing people is just so damn funny.   Stop it, you’re killing me.

12 Responses to Drudge advertises “conservative humor” T-shirt: “I’d rather be waterboarding.”

  1. TRIATHLON says:


    (18th of September, 2009)

    (Septembers Best Date)

    So, what is so important about the (18th of September, 2009), well really nothing that we can be sure of at this point in time, what we do know it is the date of the New Moon, and the best night of the month of September, for the Pre-emptive Israeli Nuclear Attack upon the Shi-ite Persian Republic of Iran, that has been promised to take place by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi Gift from God) Netanyahu, before year’s end. The Attack itself is academic and the weapons are pretty much know being defined by the target they are to be employed on, new toys could appear, but its all pretty much a cut and dried operation, and by using the internet maps, targets, weapons, with all the little facts can be seen along with the entire attack to the smallest detail. What it comes down to is what Coach Vince Lombardi, said about at the time World Champion Green Bay Packers, American Football Team, (The only way the Green Bay Packers can be defeated is thru better execution by the other team).

    (World Class Criminals)

    But we have to hold a list of others equally responsible for this Crime both against Nature Geo-Ecological, and Crime against Humanity, that list would have to include all members of the (DC/544) District of Criminals;

    (1) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Presidents have come and gone and Nancy remains doing nothing, changing nothing, and is basically nothing, but the number one criminal of all of the World Class Criminals.

    (2) Senator Harry Reid, Presidents have come and gone and Harry Reid has done nothing, changed nothing, and proven just how worthless the Senate can be under a worthless leader, but is number two on the list the World Class Criminals.

    (3) The Joker Media Messiah Imperial Usurper President, the only question is will the Armed Forces of the Empire participate in these Crimes against Humanity under his Divine Command, or with the aid of Lobbyist of and (AIPAC/AZC) American Israel Public Affairs Committee/American Zionist Council, simply provide political cover and protection for this Crime Against Humanity.

    (4) Then we can just go down the line Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, Secretary of Defense Gates, Ex-President George Walker Bush, Ex-Vice President DICK Cheney, Ex-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

    These are all WORLD CLASS CRIMINALS, and should (ALL) be in The Hague, under indictment for Crimes Against Humanity, and that is being more humane to them, then any deserve, the most they would receive would be a life in prison sentence, when what they all deserve is a Death Sentence. But unlike them civilized societies see the Rule of Law as what makes men civilized and hold Life Sacred.

    (The Bell Tolls, For We The People)

    But, in the end it will always come down to We The People, who failed, we can blame those who hold the mantle of power, but it is we who gave them the power to act in our behalf, and they came to see We The People, as nothing more than Astro-Turf Mat’s beneath their feet to wipe their feet upon, as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and We The People failed to stand up, removing this type of individual from their positions of authority then we also must be held accountable. So, Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls It Tolls For Thee.

    Hercule Triathlon Savinien

  2. dhogaza says:

    wow … a tin-foil hat *and* t-shirt wearer spamming the site …

  3. From Peru says:

    But is this a satire against conservatives thought or those conservative-troglodites(withouth offending our hominid ancestors) are really selling that stuff?

    If it is the second case, these people are in a straight path to fascism.

  4. Rick says:

    um – well I’ve always said nuclear bombs can solve global warming. I just wasn’t aware they could also make allies of Bush, Pelosi, Clinton and everybody else. Good news all around!

  5. From Peru says:

    Update: I go to the site linked in the figure, and the answer to my question is the second. The ultra-right conservatives(if this is not far-right,what is it?) are really insane.

    They have not enought having did in all those years:

    1)Create islamic terrorism (Remember the 80’s US aid to islamists in Afghanistan (to fight the Soviets) and Iran (to fund the “Contras” in Nicaragua)?), then
    2)destroy Iraq and Afghanistan (whith the pretext of fighting terrorism)to get oil and gas, killing at least 2 million people there.
    3)Exacerbating the middle east violence(toghether to their Israeli allies)
    3)Introducing fascistic laws loke the “Patriot Act” to fight their islamist ex-allies.
    4)Imposing a casino-like capitalism that they called “neo-liberalism” (thank to them here in Latin America “liberal” is sinonym of “right-wing market-capitalist”)that ultimately lead to the present economic depression
    5)Funding the Oil-based empire of the pseudosocialist dictator Hugo Chavez(who loves insulting the US but depends economically of his oil sells to them)buying Venezuelan Oil, one of the dirtiest in the world.
    6)Fueling, with all this and more that I don’t remember now, the anti-US feeling across the world.

    Now they are proud of doing all that.

    These people are a shame for America, and for the entire world. That`s my sarcastic answer to them:


  6. Brett Jason says:

    At first glance this T-shirt strikes one as funny. Except that it is makes a joke of the fact that we, the United States of America, *tortured* people. By making a joke about it, we defuse the horror. By defusing the horror, we help make the practice socially acceptable and guarantee that it (or some other form of “enhanced interrogation”) will be used again.

    What’s next, a picture of an hollow-eyed emaciated Jew clinging to a barbed wire fence with the caption “I Survived The Holocaust… and all I got was this stupid T-shirt”?

  7. Gail says:

    Brett…well said.

  8. Thomas says:

    [JR: First off I take a slightly broader latitude with posts that are labeled humor. Second I do devote perhaps 1% of my posts to things that might not strictly be defined as climate science, politics, and solutions. Third, Drudge is one of the leading purveyors of disinformation on global warming — thus mocking his sensibility is fair game on this blog. Fourth, the web site that Drudge featured labels itself conservative humor — and even has a definition of “humor” on the top of the page the link goes to. If conservatives are troubled by this, then they can speak out against it. Conservatives spend a great deal of time bashing this blog, and I certainly don’t write this blog for conservatives. I mostly try to provide information to those who find it useful, and secondarily try to persuade those who might be persuadable, but having studied persuasion for two decades now, I think it fair to say that the blogosphere is not a conducive mechanism for persuading people to fundamentally change their world view — if such a mechanism existed in any form, which I doubt. I think it is very safe to say that I am not trying to persuade anybody who actually thinks that T-shirt is funny as opposed to grotesquely offensive.]

    what on earth does this have to do with climate change? The conservative bashing brings down this blog and I say that as someone who is most likely further to the left on the political spectrum than the author. No offense, but I recommend you focus on your “insider’s view of climate science, politics, and solutions.” In the past year of reading this blog, it’s my feeling that more and more posts are general conservative bashing and less and less posts are creative insights into climate science, politics, and solutions. I can read Kos if I want a dose of the endless left-right squabbling.

    Furthermore, by labeling it “Conservative Humor” you are alienating conservatives who are needed allies in combating climate change. If I were a conservative concerned about climate change and I heard that this was a good blog on the topic, I would come, see that it’s another conservative-bashing blog and probably move on without seeing any of the truly rich content on this site. I get it that conservatives are a major obstacle in passing strong climate legislation, but by poking fun at them on your blog in ways not directly related to climate change, you are not doing anything to help us overcome the partisan divide – indeed, you are reinforcing it by making climate change appear even more to be a liberal vs. conservative issue instead of a human issue. Conservatives need to read this blog and see the brilliant explanations of why we must act on climate change, not come here and think it’s a bunch of “liberal propaganda.”

    Sorry to rant, but I think these kinds of posts really bring down what I otherwise recommend as the best blog on climate change.

    DON’T GET ME WRONG, I think that t-shirt is horribly offensive – it makes me sick to my stomach that people could find humor in torture. However, as this is not labeled as a general liberal blog or a personal blog, but as a blog about climate science, politics and solutions, I do not see the point of posting this kind of content.

    [JR: I appreciate those kind words. Drudge routinely attacks those who support climate action and routinely reposts disinformation about global warming. So again I think this post is within bounds.]

  9. TokyoTom says:

    Thomas may have a point, but as a libertarian, ex-Republican American, I share Joe`s abhorrence with the T-shirt, and am happy to see his hold it up for disapproval.

    I would just note, like Glenn Greenwald does, that the Obama administration is continuing in the best traditions of the Bush administration to limit access to information, use “state secrets” doctrines to stymie efforts to enforce Constitutional rights, and to unilaterally use military power.

  10. Gail says:

    Thomas, I do see your point, but I can’t resist putting this link here:

    because, it’s funny!

    In general I think the deniers of climate change and the far-right bitterz, who cling to the belief, as Shorts so nimbly puts it, “If they can just scream LOUD ENOUGH, this Kenyan Muslin will pack his bags and go back to Africaville where he belongs, leaving them in peace to figure out how best to resurrect the country they ‘want back.'”

    They are freaking out, in other words, because they lost. It’s time progressives stop feeling defensive about being labeled “leftist” and goes on the offense to get things done the way the American electorate mandated in the last election.

  11. BBHY says:

    I’m tempted to buy the t-shirt and write “Drudge” underneath.

  12. Mike#22 says:

    Actually, these t-shirts are what some former politicians wear during their group therapy.

    Somehow they got the shirts mixed up and made an ad. Ooops.