Zogby: 71% of likely voters support House climate bill

Zogby read 1005 voters the following statement about the American Clean Energy and Security Act:

“The House of Representatives recently passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which would require electric power companies to generate 20 percent of their power from clean, renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, by the year 2020.  Also included is a global warming plan which would reduce greenhouse gases from sources like power plants and factories by 17 percent, and an energy efficiency plan which includes new appliance standards and building codes to conserve energy.”

The result:

Favorable views for the bill were high among all age and income groups and even among Republicans, with 45% having a favorable view of the bill. Seventy-three percent of Independents and 89% of Democrats also took a favorable view of the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

This is similar to pretty much every recent poll on the subject:

Zogby even asked voters “Which Statement Best Reflects Your Opinion About What Action the U.S. Senate Should Take?” with one full of standard conservative disinformation:

Statement A: I think the Senate should take action because I believe we need a new energy plan right now that invests in American, renewable energy sources like wind and solar, in order to create clean energy jobs, address global warming and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

Statement B: I think the Senate should wait on this proposal I believe the House energy bill is a hidden tax that will cost thousands of dollars every year in increased energy prices, weaken our economy further, and cause America to lose jobs to China and other countries.

The result:  “A majority (54%) believe the Senate should now take action, with two-fifths (41%) preferring that the Senate wait. ”

And this is also similar to recent polling:  (see”Americans support greenhouse gas regulation even if it could ‘substantially’ raise energy prices“).

As Zogby’s website notes:

“Clearly, voters strongly favor the ideas outlined in the bill. Support for action on clean energy and energy efficiency was strong coming out of the election, and it is still strong today.  Even when presented with the concerns some have raised about the potential costs associated with this legislation, most likely voters still want the Senate to act quickly to bring about a new energy plan for America,” said Zogby International Research Analyst Sam Rodgers.

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Which Statement Best Reflects Your Opinion About What Action the U.S. Senate Should Take?

3 Responses to Zogby: 71% of likely voters support House climate bill

  1. Eric L says:

    (41%) preferring that the Senate wait

    In other words, enough for a filibuster?

    Sorry, I really shouldn’t rain on what is really quite good news, better than I expected.

  2. Texas Aggie says:

    The other day I received a message from Kay Bailey Hutchison about a request of mine to vote for the cap and trade act. It essentially repeated the second paragraph and went on to some length about how increased energy rates will hurt consumers, etc., etc. This is hilarious because a few years back Texas went through a privatization of the electrical utilities, and since then, consumers have seen their electrical rates more than doubling. I didn’t hear KB making any noise then about costs to the consumer. In her run for governor, she will have a hard time justifying her “concern” for the consumers’ pocketbook with her unconcern for utility rates.

  3. Dan Berman says:

    Someone should organize the community groups whose identity was stolen by coal lobbyists – The story has legs, and is helping discredit the industry, now we need someone to bring those gruops together, on the Hill, to vocally SUPPORT strong legislation. They’d get lots of coverage, and it would keep the sleazy tactics in the news longer.