Truthiness or consequences: Bill McKibben on The Colbert Report tonight (Monday)

From Facebook:

Tonight, at 11:30pm on Comedy Central, Bill is appearing on the The Colbert Report.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, The Colbert Report is a satirical (and hilarious!) late-night TV show that criticizes politics, media, and just about everything else. Its fictional anchorman, Steven Colbert, is a right-wing bully who has often declared his skepticism of global warming.

Going on The Colbert report is very exciting, and it gives us a chance to reach a very wide audience with the 350 message. It’s also a bit of a gamble””Colbert himself is sharp as a tack, and his writers come up with questions designed to embarrass and flummox his guests. Which is probably why Bill didn’t want to publicize tonight’s show. :)

But the secret is out””so make some popcorn, tell your friends, and prepare to watch Bill and Stephen duke it out Monday at 11:30! And it repeats on Tuesday at 8:30 if you miss it!

For more on 350 ppm, click here!

9 Responses to Truthiness or consequences: Bill McKibben on The Colbert Report tonight (Monday)

  1. Greg Nelson says:


    I assume that on the Colbert report you will explain that Tiger Woods lost the PGA because of global warming. You said that he lost the U.S. Open because of global warming.


    [JR: Silly deniers, fibs are for kids! That wasn’t what I said. Trying reading what I wrote before posting your nonsense. If you did that, you’d know I am not going on Colbert!!!

    And given how well Tiger had been playing winning the two previous tournaments, he lost the PGA because he (finally) choked on a Sunday and because he played stupidly Saturday. I thought that was kinda obvious.]

  2. Jeff Huggins says:


    I’ll watch it. Twice.

    And, J. Stewart should host Bill too.

    What I’d really like to see is J. Stewart host Rex Tillerson: It’s time to do another one of Stewart’s honest penetrating persistent exposes of the funny but not-so-funny sort.

    Good luck Bill!


  3. Eliav Bitan says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention Joe! will you be covering this for celsias? if not, I might.

    [JR: Go right ahead.]

    Also, I understand you are coming to my little town of Portland Maine tomorrow– please let me show you around a little bit! I’m looking forward to seeing your lecture as well. Best,

    [JR: I’ll see you there. Am in town thru Saturday.]

  4. Bullwinkle says:

    Given Steven’s known opposition to the evil ‘Bear Agenda’, I’m sure he will favor warming as it will hamper polar bears in their quest for socialist world domination.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks to JR for good advice on points rhetorical! Colbert is a tough scene–unpredictable and swirling, but hopefully did more help than harm to the cause. In any event, is building fast around the world, and we’re grateful to everyone for their assistance

  6. Phil A. says:

    In case you missed Bill addressing Colbert Nation last night, here’s the link to the clip:

  7. Jeff Huggins says:

    What are you doing to get off?

    To get off of CO2-producing sources of energy and the products of companies who mislead us and block responsible progress, that is!

    I love what Bill McKibben and the 350 folks are doing, and I’ve got my own “350” hat (it has even been signed by Jim Hansen). I’ll be “there” in October. People need to be thinking “350”, and soon. Tens of millions of people should be involved, not tens of thousands.

    Yet, in addition to knowing the 350 target and urgency (and what can be done), I think an important and necessary aspect of action at this point should also be to name names and to stop buying the products of those companies that are doing the most damage AND the most to confuse us and delay responsible action.

    I’ve had it with companies that knowingly confuse people regarding such important matters, all for a buck (or billions, actually).

    We need a simple, catchy (in a genuine sense), and motivating way to remind each other to stop buying the products of certain companies. Period. Now.

    Unfortunately, in the case of some companies, especially the largest offenders, only one thing seems to “speak”, and that’s money. So, don’t give yours to them! It’s really as simple as that. And tell a friend.

    Some people think, “Well, what good will it do if I stop buying from ExxonMobil? After all, I still need gasoline until I get my next car. Until I can make more changes like that, I’ll still need to get my gasoline from someone.”

    The answer is this: It will do A LOT of good, if enough people do it. ExxonMobil is the leader, and they are doing by far the most to confuse us and to delay responsible action. It is time for responsible people, who care about the future, other species, and the climate itself, to send ExxonMobil a strong market-based signal. ExxonMobil’s actions set the pace and “run cover” for the entire enchilada. If you need to buy gasoline, you should feel GOOD to stop buying it from EM and to buy it, instead, from a second-tier or third-tier supplier. That will help send needed signals and begin transitions on multiple levels, including in your own psyche. Take back some control. Say “no” to EM. Get to know the small guy. Then, pursue the rest of your CO2-reducing transition.

    Perhaps one of the existing climate organizations could start up a list (if it doesn’t exist already?) of the main companies (and their products) that we should avoid? I’m talking about a focused list that we can act on and that will make a difference if enough people take action. Or, perhaps someone else can start such a list? Someone in the earlier post asked about such a list, and I don’t know if one exists.

    We need to be asking each other, “What are you doing to get off?” We should be telling each other, “Here’s what I did today to get off” (within reason of course!).

    Be Well.

  8. max says:

    I’ve always been somewhat surprised how enamored many liberals and progressives are of the daily show and the colbert report. I’ve admittedly watched both shows only occasionally and they are OK and far better than some supposedly real news shows, but fundamentally they are in the business of entertainment and they play every issue for laughs. Is it too much to ask for a real news show that can inform and not need a snarky host and a laughing audience?

  9. TedN5 says:

    I watched it. I love Bill and have signed up with but didn’t think the appearance on Colbert was very effective. Hopefully, the Colbert Nation saw reacted more positively.