‘Caveman’ McCotter: ‘Only A Left-Wing Group Would Come Up With 1.7 Million New Jobs’

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), a four-term Congressman representing suburban Detroit, has scoffed at the idea of job creation in his state through clean energy reform. Despite the collapse of Michigan’s industry under the Bush administration, McCotter still believes that the American economy needs more tax breaks for polluters and less support for renewable energy. criticized McCotter’s shameful record in an advertisement that notes the $112,930 in polluter contributions McCotter has received. Speaking with right-wing talk show host Frank Beckmann on WJR AM-760 yesterday, McCotter falsely claimed the green economy legislation he voted against in June, H.R. 2454, is named the “Cap And Trade National Energy Tax“:

I love it because they’re ashamed to say the name of the bill I voted against, which was the Cap And Trade National Energy Tax. Only a left-wing group would come up with 1.7 million new jobs. I know what’s going to happen to a manufacturing state like Michigan. I think the vast majority of our constituents understand that cap-and-trade would have been horrible for them. It would have raised the cost of energy and cost them jobs.

In reality, H.R. 2454 is officially known as the “American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009.” The legislation, by setting standards for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and global warming pollution, will establish market incentives that reward work instead of pollution. The Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, in a report commissioned by the Center for American Progress, found that a clean energy economy could generate 1.7 million new jobs through $150 billion in public and private investment each year — including 54,000 new jobs in Michigan, which would significantly lower unemployment.

Instead of supporting the clean energy economy that is even now rebuilding the American auto industry, McCotter is using his time in Congress on petty partisan resolutions and claiming hysterically that “this job-killing cap and tax bill is a fundamental shift from a manufacturing economy to an old, green economy called hunting and gathering.” Because of his record, McCotter has been named one of the first members of the “Caveman Energy Caucus“:

If “only a left-wing group would come up with 1.7 million new jobs,” then maybe McCotter should let one do so.

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