Fox News blurts out its agenda: “Now that Jones has resigned, we need to follow through…. First, stop cap-and-trade, which could send these groups trillions,” and then put “the whole corrupt ‘green jobs’ concept outside the bounds of the political mainstream.” taken Van Jones down, the job destroyers and climate destroyers of the right wing most certainly smell blood (see Beck: “Almost everyone who does believe in global warming is a socialist”).

Now Phil Kerpen, policy director for Americans for Prosperity, has laid out the right-wing strategy for how “the Van Jones affair could be an important turning point in the Obama administration,” in a piece on  AFP is “pro-tobacco industry” group that “worked around the U.S. in recent years to defeat” smokefree workplace laws (as SourceWatch notes) — and is now fighting for the big corporate polluters to block climate and clean energy action.  Brad Johnson at WonkRoom has documented how Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a front group for billionaire polluters, pushing the most inane pro-pollution ads you’ll ever see (here).

But what Fox News and AFP would like to achieve is no joke:

The Van Jones affair is, as President Obama likes to say, a “teachable moment,” and we need to put not just him but the whole corrupt “green jobs” concept outside the bounds of the political mainstream.

Conservatives hate the notion of green clean energy jobs because their entire anti-science, anti-climate, anti-environment message is built around the (false) notion of a trade-off between reducing pollution and jobs (see “Mything in action: Why conservatives hate green clean energy jobs“).  If you don’t care about the health and well-being of future generations, you certainly don’t care if they have good jobs (or any jobs, for that matter).

Progressives are going to have to redouble our efforts if we’re to have any chance whatsoever of creating 1.7 million clean energy jobs while averting catastrophic global warming.  Here is an excerpt of the FoxNews/AFP opinion piece strategy document, “How Van Jones Happened and What We Need to Do Next,” which seems like a parody, but, sadly, isn’t:

The Van Jones affair could be an important turning point in the Obama administration if we use it as a window to understand the structure of the left and to stop the huge power-grab now taking place in the name of green jobs.  It’s also one of the most significant things I’ve ever had the honor of being involved in.  Here’s how, from my perspective, it happened and what it means.

I was an unlikely Van Jones expert.  It started July 9, when “FOX & Friends” asked me if I’d come on the show the morning of July 10 to explain what “green jobs” are.  It meant an early morning the next day, but I was glad to do it, because exposing the green jobs scam is critical to fight cap-and-trade, my top legislative priority for the year.  The producer asked me if I knew anything about green jobs “czar” Van Jones.  I didn’t but said I would find out.

I e-mailed a friend who follows the green groups and he said he thought Jones was socialist. —  I doubt he had any idea how deep it went. A couple Web searches later, I couldn’t believe what I found in an article from the alternative San Francisco newspaper the East Bay Express.  The man was a self-professed communist, with ties to ACORN….  His real name was Anthony, with “Van” made up in college because he thought everyone cool has a one-syllable name.

Seriously.  His real name was “Anthony.”  String him up, already, FoxNews is saying!

There was so much material there, but what really stood out is what I used the next day on F&F: the “green jobs” concept was merely a new face on the old ideology of central economic planning and control, an alternative and a threat to free market capitalism.

The only central economic planning control we have in this country is the massive subsidies and regulatory favoritism for polluters.

As soon as I got back to the office, I e-mailed the East Bay Express article to one of Glenn Beck’s producer, saying: “Please share with Glenn this article about green jobs czar Van Jones, a self-described communist who was radicalized in jail. Confirms “watermelon” hypothesis.” (I was referring to an explanation we had offered on his show of the cap-and-trade bill as a “watermelon,” green on the outside but Communist red to the core.)

No, this is NOT an Onion parody.  The cap-and-trade bill is a watermelon, a watermelon, I tell you, not a mango, for Chrissakes!
Here is a video of Kerpin and Beck eating a friggin’ watermelon before the House vote.

The rest is history.  I spent the next two weeks researching everything I could find about Jones and the Apollo Alliance (much of which is still to be published, including a forthcoming paper from the Capital Research Center next month), the national umbrella organization for coordinating between the environmentalists, the labor unions, and the social justice street organizers that Jones has served as a board member and a primary national spokesman for.  Beck had me on his show to explain Apollo on July 28, and several more times thereafter, while he began pounding away.

Two days later, the stakes got higher when another Jones-founded organization, Color of Change, called for a boycott of the Beck show.  Amazingly, many in the mainstream media would report the fiction that Beck’s coverage of Jones was retaliation for the boycott, even though coverage of Jones started first.  Given the chronology, if there is any connection we should consider whether the boycott was retaliation for the coverage.

The mainstream media completely ignored the controversy, but the Internet kicked into high gear, with so many people doing great work that it was hard to keep track of.  This week, when Gateway Pundit the broke story that Van Jones actually blamed George Bush for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, some of the mainstream media (but only some) finally began paying attention.  Rep. Mike Pence stepped up and called for his resignation.  And early today Jones made his exit.

Now Van Jones has left the administration, but we can’t afford to stop thinking about him and what he represents.  Clearly, he was far less cautious than many of the left-wing radical currently influencing the direction of policy in this country.  Less cautious but not ideologically distinct.

The agenda laid out in Van Jones’s book, “The Green Collar Economy,” which we now know is an attempt to achieve radical ends, is squarely within the mainstream of the political left and the Democratic Party.  He urged adoption of a carbon cap-and-trade program, renewable electricity mandates– including Al Gore’s outlandish and impossible goal of eliminating fossil fuel use by 2018, large taxpayer-funded green jobs programs, a so-called smart grid for electricity, more mass-transit subsidies, higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles, federal funding for organic farms, a ban on new coal plants, expanded ethanol mandates, and even a spirited, multiple page pitch for a cash-for-clunkers program–he called it “Hoopties for Hybrids.”

Even if Apollo is properly tainted by the Van Jones scandal, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, as this chart shows.  In fact most of the action has already moved to the Center for American Progress, the hyper-politicized think tank that’s advancing most of the left’s agenda, especially the push for green jobs and all of the policies from Van Jones’s book.

I will concede that many people call me hyper, but I like to think of the Center’s energy and climate “agenda” as hyper-scientific.

Here is the chart — the 21st century version of Nixon’s enemies list.  I just don’t understand why I didn’t make it, even if CAP did.  I guess I’m not hyper enough.

Green Jobs network

As I explained previously on the FOX Forum, the push for “green jobs” has everything to do with funding the far-left political activities that Van Jones so adamantly believed in.  Green jobs are not economic jobs but political jobs, designed to funnel vast sums of taxpayer money to left-wing labor unions, environmental groups, and social justice community organizers.

Now that Jones has resigned, we need to follow through with two critical policy victories.  First, stop cap-and-trade, which could send these green groups trillions, and second repeal the unspent portion of the stimulus bill, which stands to give them billions.  The Van Jones affair is, as President Obama likes to say, a “teachable moment,” and we need to put not just him but the whole corrupt “green jobs” concept outside the bounds of the political mainstream.

Even though I have mocked this too-mockable piece of mockery, what happened to Van Jones makes clear that we have to take these folks seriously, even if one of the many necessary response strategies is to mock them for their paranoid fantasies and anti-scientific beliefs.

I will discuss strategic responses later, but for now, let’s remember what we are fighting for.  President Obama has cut through conservative myths better than anyone:

“The choice we face is not between saving our environment and saving our economy. The choice we face is between prosperity and decline”¦  We can allow climate change to wreak unnatural havoc across the landscape, or we can create jobs working to prevent its worst effects”¦.  The nation that leads the world in creating new energy sources will be the nation that leads the 21st-century global economy.”

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28 Responses to Fox News blurts out its agenda: “Now that Jones has resigned, we need to follow through…. First, stop cap-and-trade, which could send these groups trillions,” and then put “the whole corrupt ‘green jobs’ concept outside the bounds of the political mainstream.”

  1. Jeff Huggins says:

    That is amazing. At this point, someone should print the list of companies and also print Rupert Murdoch’s corporate phone number. What companies are still advertising on Beck? What companies are advertising on Fox News? What companies are part of NewsCorp?

    One key part of the (apparent) ineffectiveness on the part of those who want to make these healthy changes (e.g., fix health care, face and address the climate problem, etc.) is that far too many of us, too often, like to think that mere communication can prompt change, even as we continue buying Product X, Product Y, and Product Z, all made by the companies that support this stuff. We like to complain, but then far too many of us don’t want to be bothered to NOT BUY our favorite bathroom tissue or etc. Nor do many of us like to go outside with actual signs, even when that seems like the necessary thing to do. But really, enough is enough.

    I hope that we can do a post here, listing companies. I hope that the blog can create some real and responsible action.



  2. Rockfish says:

    A lesson indeed. Color for Change takes on Glenn Beck, and loses a few advertisers (for now. They’ll be back when this all “blows over”)In return, Glenn Beck gets Van Jones booted from the administration!

    Democrats do not have the stomach or backbone for this fight.

  3. OK, if anyone has an explanation, I’d like to hear it. Having seen Beck on radio and TV, I would describe him as being a few notes short of a sonata.

    Why didn’t this administration just ignore Beck as being well outside the mainstream, and a racist to boot, and get on with the job at hand. Brush him off, and say… what was that… a mosquito?

    But now Jones has resigned, and the White House didn’t do much to support him. It just means that a handful of angry, bigoted, spurious, libelous white men just got their way, and now they will be emboldened. The fight just got much harder.

    I don’t know how else to read it.

  4. Peter Sergienko says:

    This may be discussed further in the follow-on pieces outlining a response strategy, but we need to drive a rhetorical stake through the heart of the conservatives’ “jobs v. environment” meme. These folks represent the ownership elite. Finding and exploiting the cheapest possible labor around the globe is a prime directive. The idea that conservative ideology somehow protects labor and jobs, especially middle class jobs in the extraction industries in the United States, is completely laughable. Thus, it’s not enough for us to show how progressive environmental and energy policies will create good middle class green jobs in America. We have to destroy the claims that conservative ideology values labor and that it will preserve or create good middle class jobs in the extraction industries.

  5. Joel says:

    An analysis of this situation that does not address the fact that the Obama White House did absolutely nothing to deal with it is incomplete.

    I am not trying to belittle the work that Obama has already done through the stimulus, the fuel efficiency standards, and ACES (though how much he actually did is debatable). I trust this blog enough not to discount those contributions.

    But Obama needs to start taking this radical right threat much more seriously. What he thinks he has to gain by allowing Beck to get what he wants is beyond me. Yes I know Van Jones resigned. But looking at the transcript of the White House’s non-defense of him it seems perfectly clear that he was no longer wanted there. Obviously much of the blame rests with Beck, but some rests with the White House’s handling of it. And considering we can actually influence them (theoretically), we need our strategy to focus on how we work on Obama to work against radical right rhetoric. That’s how we can expect to get something resembling results.

  6. Keith says:

    My question is: Where are the young people who got Pres. Obama elected hiding? The right-wing nuts are aggressive, active and visible. The future they’re willing to bequest you is going to be ugly, even if we somehow meet the 2 C goal.
    Why aren’t the youth making more noise on these health and environment matters??

  7. Ravi G. says:

    Hannity at the coal-backed rally in W. Virginia gloated over the weekend and said it’s his job to get rid of each and everyone of Obama’s advisers. VIDEO:

    That follows Glenn Beck’s call to followers to dig up dirt on three Administration advisers, including Climate Czar Carol Browner:

  8. paulm says:

    There out there looking for jobs.

  9. Anon says:

    Not sure why we’re still calling it Fox “News”. Not news at all. Strategic politics, public relations, propaganda, activism … take your pick or add another, but don’t call it news.

  10. Jim says:

    This is GREAT news. This will solidify the Labor-Environmental coalition, the Blue-Green Alliance, like nothing else could.

    Let’s make Blue-Green a Permanent Majority.

  11. I want very much to appear on their chart. What a badge of honor.

  12. caerbannog says:

    What Obama needs now is a little Richard Nixon in him — not too much Nixon, mind you: just a little. (Nixon’s problem was that he was 100-percent Nixon).

    Obama needs enough Nixon in him to make him a ruthless SOB when necessary, but not so much Nixon that he goes overboard.

    That was Jimmy Carter’s problem — too nice, not enough Nixon.

  13. Bob Wallace says:

    From what I understand about Obama is that he plays to win.

    He knows how to keep his eyes on the prize, which is why he can peel off people who while good are problematic, such as Jones and Richardson, and drop minor issues such as coverage for living wills.

    He hasn’t allowed the side issues to dominate and distract. He’s continued to move back to the major battle.

    Anyone that thinks he’s a light weight namby-pamby who is going to smile while be walked over might check with Hilary Clinton and John McCain. They found that their boots weren’t made for walking….

  14. David Schonberger says:

    I’m recording Beck’s show right now. I couldn’t stand to actually watch but I’m willing to rifle through a recording to find out who advertises during his hour. I’ll post a list later.

  15. Rick Covert says:

    Bill Maher said on a June “New Rules” segment that Obama needs to be a little like George Bush. He, Obama, has good ideas, but he needs to get tough and we need to fight like hell at the grass roots level when lunatics like Glenn Beck go in full spectrum screaming maniac attack mode.

  16. Joel says:

    @Bob Wallace

    Obama plays to win while ceding ground to lunatics who have no interest in budging an inch and demoralizing those that care most about bringing his vision to fruition?

    I have been a proud supporter of Barack Obama, but the days of trusting that he knows (and acts) best are over. He needs to feel equal (in force, not idiocy) pressure from the left that he clearly feels from the right.

  17. Mike#22 says:

    Beck and Friends are tapping into the vast pool of bitter Americans–Americans who have watched the leaders they elected and believed in make one mess after another.

    Iraq for example. They can either look at the facts and accept this was a giant mistake, or they can ignore the facts and remain proud. They can’t do both. They can’t look at the facts, and feel good. Facts go out the window. Anyone who has tried to have a sincere conversation with someone who get’s their news from FOX knows that the facts went out the window a long time ago at FOX.

    Enter Beck. His viewers are already primed to ignore facts and believe anything. They are desperate to have their misery explained to them. What a circus.

    Fortunately, the demographics of Beck viewers looks like white seniors. With the youth getting their news from Stewart and Colbert, the future looks a lot better.

  18. Mark Shapiro says:

    Rupert Murdoch owns Fox and other media outlets worldwide. His interest is maximising his profits, with tabloid red meat, and lowering his own taxes, with anti-tax rhetoric. He is fomenting fear, hatred, violence, and lies with only his wealth in mind.

    So when Beck, or any one of Murdoch’s minions, crosses the line, blame Murdoch explicitly. Murdoch holds the reins and makes the profits.

    And, Beck, Fox, and the other Murdoch media each have millions of fans, which protects them from rhetorical attacks, no matter how well deserved. Murdoch doesn’t have that protection.

    Bottom line: when Fox attacks, name and blame Murdoch, the bad billionaire.

  19. Jeff Huggins says:

    Thank you David (Comment 15).

    I’ll try to watch it tonight (yikes) and post the advertisers too.

    I also agree (with Mark, 19) that Murdoch deserves a huge amount of the blame.

    Be Well,


  20. Erik Schimek says:

    I find it revealing that you refuse to talk about the human-powered battery option.

    Your true colors show through, comrade.

  21. David Schonberger says:

    FYI, here are the advertisers during his primary airing today:

    Rosland Capital (Hydrolyze)
    Carpet One
    Living Spaces
    Lear Capital
    The Weekly Standard
    Time Warner Cable
    Trident Insurance Agency

    Some of the above are local to my broadcast area (Los Angeles).

  22. lizardo says:

    Rupert Murdoch no doubt owns a big chunk but NewsCorp is now traded on NASDAQ: NWS, NWSA. We need a divestiture campaign. Get your mutual fund, college everything to dump NewsCorp. That’s the American way, ha ha.

    According to 1-year and 5-year charts posted on their website (under investor relations section, and I double-checked via Yahoo finance) the price of the stock is not where it was once, and seems currently to parallel the popularity and or success of Obama, doing an absolute cliffdive leading up to the election in November. (So you kinda have to wonder, chicken or egg in all of this Obama bashing.) Price having a little rally post Van Jones…

    Plus Boycott all Newscorp ventures. Things you didn’t know perhaps that NewsCorp owns. Not at all a comprehensive list.

    (Do you want these folks knowing so much about your kids? Or you?)

    MyTV network aka MyNetwork TV (over the air free TV network)
    (does NewsCorp profit from those vote phone calls?)
    HarperCollins (book publishers
    Dow Jones

    These you probably do know about
    Fox network
    New York Post
    The Wall Street Journal
    The Weekly Standard
    9 Fox Cable Channels (News is one)
    20th Century Fox (movies/DVDs)
    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    (Good reason to not have your kids watch Fox programs, “Glee” the new one, very sneaky, in first episode last week one teen says his dad died in the first Gulf War “the first time we fought Osama Bin Laden there.” I’m not kidding.
    Re Joe’s post and the comments:

    Sorry, but what is F&F, Fox and Friends perhaps, since he assumes his readers know what F&F means…. Is this his authoritative source? [And these are the folks that accused people in the liberal etc. blogosphere of being in an echo chamber…]

    Here’s yet another wacky Onionesque idea: Beck et al don’t like green jobs funded by the public because some of those jobs will go to minorities, hence the watermelon.

    No kidding that the mainstream media got the story wrong, and so glad that this Iago is proud to put the record straight, in a weird way, except that Color of Change didn’t start the boycott over Van Jones, but over Beck saying that Obama hated white people.

    The chart is more like how the RW is organized (neither the center nor the left sadly don’t take each other’s talking points) and is super confusing. I would imagine that the average Fox reader would just glaze over and say I’ll take your word for it.

    And once again these corporate shills are fanning various forms of hysteria in order to get people who are out of work and hurting to lobby against their own financial interests, just as they are will health care reform.

    For instance Fox friends likely don’t have connections with “environmental groups” or “social justice”/”community organizers” so Fox is saying “no jobs for you, whitey.”

    Incidentally, it’s so clever of Fox to create this clubby atmosphere don’t you think. It’s so warm and cozy inside and so scary outside, and we all wear these identical outfits to our meetings.

    Many years ago I felt that what the corporate pals of the GOP wanted was to reduce the American worker to such a state of desperation that they would work for oh I don’t know $2 a day, for instance, and under any conditions. (Another good reason to oppose health care reform.)

    If you want an antidote to all this, check out Doop Duprie and the Inside Outlaws from Detroit, they were featured on “The Story” on Labor Day, a long-interview show done by former NPR Dick Gordon for American Public Media. Several of their songs should be the anthems of the reality based worker.

    Maybe we should be carrying signs saying “What Letter in the Word JOB don’t you understand?”
    and “8 Years of Government by Fox. How’s your Henhouse”
    or more to the point, “8 years of government by Fox. Where’s your job?”
    “Fox News won’t pay your mortgage”
    “Like Fox News? Ask them for a job.”
    [the scary thing is that NewsCorp might have enuf money to actually put all their fans on the payroll, who knows.]

    It’s not just the idea of jobs versus the environment myth we need to defeat, but now the idea that the stimulus money and the Waxman-Markey green jobs money will be “funneled to the left as defined by Fox which is pretty darned broad and paranoid].”

    A lot of people have been asking about “where are those young people who got Obama elected” but the fact is I met a bunch of them and they basically spent that summer and fall putting everything aside to do that. This summer I imagine they were scrambling to find work and college funds.

    Alexander Cockburn, with whom I disagree about most things, more so since he started claiming that global warming is junk science, nevertheless has an interesting article in a recent edition of The Nation saying that the last three Democratic presidents were basically finished at this point in their terms if not sooner.

    The Supreme Court is getting ready to rule on whether corporations can buy as much political speech as they can afford (I disagree with most people about what the founding fathers meant about speech, since they also mention the press) and I’m afraid that they are going to rule in favor of the corporations.

    Meanwhile regarding Anon’s comment re why is it still called Fox News, well it’s so that you can tell yourself you don’t need to check in with other news and TO MAINTAIN THEIR FCC LICENSES. (Sorry for all caps.)

    I don’t understand why these licenses aren’t challenged.

    Of course that would put the wingnuts over the edge if their licenses were yanked, I guess.

  23. Anonymous says:

    See: “Life, Inc.; how the world became a corporation and how to take it back” by Douglas Rushkoff, 2009. Rushkoff says that centralized money is designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and that is the objective. He says decentralized medieval money was much better, more equalitarian, and led to a better result in general. He says that the middle ages were good times for the common man. Since further degradation of the masses is the objective, jobs are bad from the point of view of the rich. Rushkoff recommends going back to local money, a sort of semi-barter system.

  24. Robert says:

    The time is past due to place a label on the Clown Becks, Grinch Gingrichs, Loony Limbaughs, Spin Sarahs and the Calamity Hannitys of this world; those who run their gums off on the silliest tangents imaginable. Anything that will rile the crazies is golden in their mind. They believe, Noise is capitol. Just maybe a team should dog their silly gambits and expose their tantrums for what they really are. But maybe boxing them in should start with a label that will stick like glue. I think the term EXTREMOPHILE would fit to a T. Those who thrive in an extreme environment [in this case] created by themselves. Maybe the good part is that all the loonies are gathered on the extreme right, ready to fall into the abyss when the first ‘reality tremor’ hits.

    Somehow i think these crackpots, in time, will do themselves in, but never soon enough. They blush at nothing and on & on they spew vile nonsense. We need the calm rhetoric of a Peter Sinclare to focus and publish TRUTH! Where could one find a focused think tank to expose these ‘extremophiles’.

    In closing, maybe Saturday Night Live will create a ‘Clown’ Beck parody. Oh the joy that Tina Fey’s ‘Sarah’ gave us to relieve the stress of a long hard fought campaign!


  25. lizardo says:

    Media Matters has been doing a great job bird-dogging Fox and CNN and Limbaugh et al for a number of years, and it’s worth noting if you are not familiar with them that it was started by a former right-winger who left the fold, David Brock who wrote “Blinded by the Right” and “The Republican Noise Machine” (laying out how the network of RW think tanks and media was set up).

    Sad to say the reality tremor already occurred with the financial crisis, and recession, but now a lot of people have retreated to their own bunker.

  26. Robert says:

    Thank you lizardo. You info is APPRECIATED!

  27. Jim says:

    This shows how Creationism (i.e. anti-science-ism) is not just a personal belief but a dangerous political agenda.

    A number of evangelical clowns truly believe Jesus will return (The Rapture) and wipe out life as we know it, so nature would be saved for naught anyhow. See: James G. Watt under Reagan, et al.