Teabaggers try to “flush” Graham out of GOP, calling him “traitor” and “RINO” and “wussypants, girly-man, half-a-sissy”; Graham responds, “We’re not going to be the party of angry white guys.”

As predicted, far-right-wingers are going after Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for his breakthrough partnership with John Kerry (D-MA).  The two Senators asserted Sunday that they have developed “a framework for climate legislation to pass Congress and the blueprint for a clean-energy future that will revitalize our economy, protect current jobs and create new ones, safeguard our national security and reduce pollution.”

Some are even labeling Graham a RINO (Republican In Name Only), even though the American Conservative Union rates him an ACU “Senate Standout,” among the 20 most conservative U.S. Senators in 2008!  Think Progress and Wonk Room have the gory details, which I excerpt below.

After voting to confirm Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and expressing a willingness to build a compromise approach to clean energy legislation, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appears to be the new target of tea party activists. At a Graham town hall in Greenville yesterday, activist Harry Kimball of “RINO HUNT” protested by constructing a display that depicted Graham, as well as moderates like Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), being flushed down a toilet:

KIMBALL: This is for every RINO who has failed to represent us. […] [the toilet represents] flushing them, flushing them.

One attendee of the event asked the senator, “when are you going to announce that you are switching parties?” The question drew loud applause from the crowd. Graham defended himself, and denounced the influence of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) on the Republican party:

GRAHAM: I’m going to grow this party, I’m not going to let it get [inaudible], I’m not going to let it be hijacked by Ron Paul. […] I’m going to find people in Maine, Delaware, Illinois, other places-

AUDIENCE: Move there!

GRAHAM: That can win as Republicans, and I’m going to go up, and we’re going to move this party, and this country forward, and if you don’t like it, you can leave.

Angry attendees in the crowd interrupted Graham with cries of, “You’re a country club Republican,” “Sotomayor!,” and “You lie.” Outside the event, right-wing activist Julliet Kozak picketed the town hall with a sign decrying all “Unconstitutional Anti-Christ Socialist Federal Deficit Spending Programs.” She explained that she opposes what Graham is “doing in our Congress, what he’s doing to our country.”

Graham’s fellow South Carolina senator Jim DeMint (R) was an outspoken proponent of ejecting Specter from the Republican Party. DeMint told a conservative blogger Specter “cut our knees from under us.” He added that conservatives in the Senate need to aggressively “go after” Specter and other GOP moderates.

According to the newspaper The State, Graham repeatedly responded to those who accused him of being a “traitor” to “chill out.” One man told Graham he had “betrayed” conservatism and made a “pact with the devil” by working with Democrats. “We’re not going to be the party of angry white guys,” Graham said to even more shouts. Some people walked out during Graham’s speech after he told them, “if you don’t like it, you can leave.”
Brad Johnson rounds up the conservative blogosphere’s reaction to Graham below:
This unhinged response is reflected in the conservative blogosphere, where Graham has been called a “fake Republican,” “RINO” (Republican in name only), a “traitor,” “disgrace,” “asshat,” “democrat in drag,” and a “wussypants, girly-man, half-a-sissy”:

Liberty Journal: Vote out the traitors who seek control of you with the use of your money paid in the form of taxes.

Mike Proto: Quite honestly, it is growing tiresome having to report on another fake Republican who is selling us out. In this case, it is the RINO senior senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. . . . Now, the faux Republican is teaming up with none other than John ‘F’n’ Kerry on C(r)ap & Trade.

Michelle Malkin: God save us from bipartisanship.

Gateway Pundit: Senator Graham is a disgrace.

Ross Kaminsky: Lindsey Graham is little more than Barack Obama’s useful idiot, a man who clearly has no interest in the scientific data and who is so desirous of “doing something” that he barely cares what it is he gets done.

Dan Riehl: Why does SC continue to re-elect this doofus with a bad haircut?

Bruce Tyson: The RINO traitor to all that is right, just, and good, South Carolina’s own Lindesey Graham [sic] has done it again: this time siding with John Kerry on climate change fraud.

Pamela Gellar: Any Republican who signs off on the bankrupting of America vis a vis junk science climate change legislation is a traitor. Lindsey Graham is an asshat.

Founding Bloggers: They are selling us out to cover up for the fact that depression era entitlement programs, combined with greed and corruption, are wiping us out.

Angry White Dude: Graham is, in a word, a douchebag being used for his vote. . . . Just like his daddy Supreme Rat McCain, Graham is a Democrat. South Carolinians, you’re better than that”¦those of you who aren’t liberals. Do something about it the next that wussypants, girly-man, half-a-sissy comes asking for your vote! He is no friend of America!

Mark Harvey: Just like McCain, Lindsey Graham is actually a DIG, a democrat in drag.

15 Responses to Teabaggers try to “flush” Graham out of GOP, calling him “traitor” and “RINO” and “wussypants, girly-man, half-a-sissy”; Graham responds, “We’re not going to be the party of angry white guys.”

  1. Berbalang says:

    I must admit a horrid fascination watching a political party jump up and down screaming and then slit their own throat. Hopefully they can continue their own self-destruction and not take us with them.

  2. Tyler says:

    Are they saying that the Republican Party is the equivalent of drag?

  3. Leif says:

    Good grief… How to respond to such vitriol. Is the GOP to blame for their own demise by pandering to their “base” in the first place by deliberately selling snake oil and misrepresenting facts to gather votes in the short term? Is the news media responsible for passing on unverified facts as honest discourse? Is it the fault of the education system’s failure to educate the population in critical thinking? The fact remains, a significant portion of our society is represented by rather short sighted individuals.
    As a life long liberal, it pains me to say this but it looks like poor old Senator Graham could use some more support. Send another letter.

  4. gmo says:

    Graham appears willing to stand firm on this issue, but I think it is still good to send a little note of appreciation to him through the Senate email form as has been linked here in a post earlier this week.

    I think Graham can be an important figure in the politics of the climate change issue. A white sitting Republican Senator from the South saying we need to address climate change is not what many would expect since the issue has unfortunately become largely another where Democrats (mostly) view it one way and Republicans view it the opposite. Graham can help show this is not a Democrat vs Republican issue but an issue of rational people who care about the future vs ideologues clinging to debunked fringe ideas.

    Granted, he might be more interested in offshore oil drilling and building new nuclear power plants, but he is acknowledging the environmental threat and showing desire to deal with it. Another Republican, former senator Warner, may view it too much through the prism of national security for some people’s taste. I am not looking for complete ideological purity in the movement to address climate change, and I hope others do not too lest the risk is run of turning into a mirror of the protesters noted above. At this point we are just hungry and need to eat – down the road we can worry about whether the hollandaise was not kept stirred enough during preparation.

  5. Mike D says:

    The Republican Party is at a moment of truth. Are they going to take a step back and become the constructive, loyal opposition of Lindsey Graham? Or continue down this path towards the mob rule of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin?

  6. Will says:

    I actually like the support for Ron Paul (because of his excellent foreign policy and interesting fiscal policy)…but I would never vote for RP due to his lack of concern for our climate. Those conservatives are a dying breed, and Republicans like Graham are the future of the Republican party.

  7. “wussypants, girly-man, half-a-sissy” sounds like the sort of thing the kids used to say when I was in fourth grade.

  8. mike roddy says:

    Senator Graham just showed courage, and I salute him. Let’s ignore the looney tunes who are trying to attack him, except for the occasional humor. I especially liked the remark from one of the pitchforks that Graham is ignoring the science. The organized deniers continue to make more headway than we give them credit for.

  9. Jeremiah says:

    The endlessly amusing and horrifying thing about teabaggers is that they have no idea why they’re against climate legislation. Their only reasoning seems to be that climate change is a hoax.

    Funny thing is, if I thought Russian aggression in the cold war was a hoax, I could be opposed to a missle defense shielf. And if it turned out I were right, the missle defense shield would be worthless. A complete waste of billions in tax dollars.

    Let’s assume the teabaggers, with their limitless depths of unscientifically supported opinions, turn out to be right. Then we’ve spent all this money on wind turbines and solar panels, etc, etc. Even in this worst case scenario, we’ve revamped our energy infrastructure, and we’ve weened ourselves off of energy sources that come from hostile foreign powers.

    In short, it’s win win.

  10. Mike D says:

    I just worry that as the teaparty crowd becomes increasingly marginalized, that some of them are going to become violent. Violence is the last resort of people who see no other way, and it’s becoming clear that the tea party movement peaked in August, as the increasingly positive poll numbers on healthcare and the peeling off of Republicans to support the framework of Kerry-Boxer show. The messaging over the summer was so poor that people really didn’t have anything to counterbalance the crazy talk from the Glenn Beck crowd. I think the change started with Obama’s healthcare speech. People began to see that hey, this guy sounds pretty reasonable, I don’t agree with everything he thinks, but maybe he ISN’T trying to engineer a socialist world government to euthanize my grandma. And then you had Joe “You lie!” Wilson perfectly encapsulating the raving lunacy of the far right and shredding their credibility. So what happens when that fringe that previously felt ascendant and powerful, sees their influence waning? Hopefully they fade back into the woodwork, but…

  11. John McCormick says:

    Mike D, I hear you!!

    According to the Southern Poverty Law Center: (a very reputable and courageous group)

    “The number of hate groups operating in the United States continued to rise in 2008 and has grown by 54 percent since 2000 — an increase fueled last year by immigration fears, a failing economy and the successful campaign of Barack Obama, according to the “Year in Hate” issue of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report released today.”

    The teabaggers see themselves as revolutionary patriots and they fashion themselves sounding the alaram and calling us to arms against a tyranical government. The FBI and Homeland Security know who they are and it should not be too difficult to isolate them. And, with the help of the Congress, we can begin to shut them down by adding some amendments to the ‘hate crimes’ bill working its way through the legislative process.

    President Obama is a strong supporter of that legislation and championed it when he addressed the Human Rights Campaign annual meeting.

    We have us to thank for President Obama and we should be giving him every encouragement to resolve the many and massive issued on his plate.

    John McCormick

  12. Leif says:

    Trying to stop the tea-baggers with government mandates from the top is fruitless in my opinion. It only throws oil on the fire. The only solution is the same one that I advocate for the terrorist problem and that is getting their “leaders” to tone down the rhetoric, patient education, and enlightenment within their ranks. Slow and unglamorous but appeals to my pacifist nature.

  13. From Peru says:

    This people seems like a mix of ultra-free-trade fanatics and Fascists.

    Who destroyed the world economy?
    Answer: people convinced of the power of Almighty Free Trade(Milton Friedmann, Ronald Reagan , Bush(or I should say Addams) Family

    Who destroyed any hope of future World Peace?
    Answer: Anti-communist fanatics(like Ronald Reagan and Dick Cheney) that funded Islamic Terrorism in the 80’s and then used their own-created monsters Terrorist attacks (i.e 9-11-2001) to justify the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Now want to destroy anything that remains of American Democracy?

    Plus Life in planet Earth?

  14. From Peru says:

    Note: I do NOT believe any 9-11-2001 conspiracy theory.

    I am referring to just a tremendous and totally inexcusable POLITICAL RESPONSABILITY for that tragedy.

  15. Leland Palmer says:

    You all might check out this free online book – The Authoritarians – by Bob Altemeyer. It’s all about authoritarian followers, which is what the country is dealing with with these teabaggers.

    It’s a fascinating read. The Night the Authoritarians Ruled the Earth is a real eye-opener (end of chapter 1).

    It appears to me that the modern far right movement was created deliberately, by propaganda techniques that appeal to such authoritarian followers.

    Why is the political power of the Republican Right being used in a way that could destroy the biosphere?

    The immediate reason appears to be that the oil corporations like ExxonMobil want to drill for oil under the current Arctic icecap, and exploit the approximately 10 trillion dollars worth of oil there.

    There are also very disturbing industry and academic groups studying Arctic “resources” including, incredibly, Arctic coal.