Climate spoof forces Chamber to decry “public relations hoaxes”

Irony can be so ironic, as Brad Johnson explains in this Think Progress repost.

Reuters: Chamber of Commerce backs climate change billThis morning, activists from the Yes Men troupe claiming to represent the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced the organization was reversing its years of opposition to any climate bill before Congress, saying in jest that the “Kerry-Boxer Bill is a good start to a strong climate bill.” CNBC and the Fox Business Network cited the many companies who have quit the Chamber as a reason for the fictional about-face.

The Chamber of Commerce quickly tried to quash the reports that it had reversed its “Scopes monkey trial” stance. Chamber of Commerce official Eric Wohlschlegel broke into the press conference held by the Yes Men at the National Press Club, shouting, “This guy is a fake!” After a “mild shoving match at the podium,” Wohlschegel told reporters, “It is a very sad day.” U.S. Chamber of Commerce official Thomas J. Collamore decried “public relations hoaxes” and called for “law enforcement authorities to investigate this event”:

Public relations hoaxes undermine the genuine effort to find solutions on the challenge of climate change. These irresponsible tactics are a foolish distraction from the serious effort by our nation to reduce greenhouse gases.

Of course, it is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other right-wing corporate groups that have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars supporting “public relations hoaxes” to “undermine the genuine effort to find solutions on the challenge of climate change.” As PG&E Chairman and CEO Peter Darbee explained his company’s departure from the Chamber, “extreme rhetoric and obstructionist tactics seem to increasingly mark the Chamber’s stance on this issue.”

It’s doubtful that the Chamber “” chaired by race-baiters and corrupt global warming deniers “” will now be decrying clean coal carols, climate skeptics, fearmongering, and broken economic analyses as it spends over $100 million a year to lobby Congress.

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4 Responses to Climate spoof forces Chamber to decry “public relations hoaxes”

  1. Dennis says:

    The official U.S. Chamber of Commerce position is that it is unacceptable to misrepresent the Chamber, but it is perfectly acceptable to misrepresent science.

  2. Berbalang says:

    I recently heard about the Yes Men when I went to watch “The Age of Stupid”. I found there are a couple of movies about them, one of which is shipping today from Netflix.

  3. paulm says:

    ….but it is perfectly acceptable to misrepresent science.

    And many of the companies it represents.
    And mislead them and the public as well.

  4. Irv says:

    So I can hold my own Press conference and present myself as an official of the NAACP ……… or a Veterans of Foriegn Wars (VFW) official …….. and take positions contrary to their publically stated positions ……… and all just as a harmless fun stunt to get attention?

    If you have to lie and misrepresent yourself in public, you bring no shame to anyone other than yourself.

    The only thing to learn from this is how NOT to behave.