U.S. wind energy industry installed 1,649 MW in third quarter, more than Q2 and Q308


The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) released its third quarter (Q3) market report today.  Their news release noted:

Since the early July announcement of rules to implement the stimulus bill, the wind industry has seen over 1,600 MW (enough to serve the equivalent of 480,000 average households) of completed projects, and over 1,700 MW of construction starts. These projects equate to about $6.5 billion in new investment….

The total wind power capacity now operating in the U.S. is over 31,000 MW, generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of nearly 9 million homes, avoiding the emissions of 57 million tons of carbon annually and reducing expected carbon emissions from the electricity sector by 2.5%.

Thank you President Obama and Congressional Democrats (see “EIA projects wind at 5% of U.S. electricity in 2012, all renewables at 14%, thanks to Obama stimulus!

Here are some more factoids from the release:

The state posting the fastest growth rate in the third quarter was Arizona, which installed its first utility-scale project. Pennsylvania ranked 2nd in growth with 29%, followed by Illinois with 22%, Wyoming with 21%, and New Mexico with 20%.

And from the report:

Texas again gains the largest amount of new capacity bringing the state closer to the 9-GW mark.

A 201-MW project completion in Illinois makes it the tenth state in the “Gigawatt club.”

Arizona saw the addition of the first utility-scale wind farm, making it the fastest-growing in the third quarter.

There are now utility-scale wind power installations in 36 states.


Now we need to pass the climate and clean energy bill.

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3 Responses to U.S. wind energy industry installed 1,649 MW in third quarter, more than Q2 and Q308

  1. pete best says:

    Excellent news but it needs to accelerate even faster. The USA uses 3000 TW/h a year of electricityI believe and growth is 2-3% per year during good economic years I believe. 30 GW of Wind energy at 30% efficiency provides around 87 TW/h per annum so long as the wind is available all of the time of course.

    Long way to go but its awesome news

  2. Stephan says:

    These are impressive growth figures. Now these numbers have to continue over the future as well. It is good to see that Obama his effords are starting to show in actual numbers as well.

    For more info on the environment, have a look at this Green News.

  3. John Redford says:

    It’s also nice to see how fast this is ramping up. The US has installed 31,000 MW of wind in the last ten years, which is equivalent to about 10 GW of baseload power. That’s 8 nuclear reactors the size of Seabrook, but built in a fraction of the time. The current build rate of ~8 GW/year is about 2 nuclear reactors a year, and it’s increasing at 50%/year. The time-to-revenue for these wind plants has to make their investors happy.